Sell goods to know how to capture customer psychology

if more understanding of the customer, the real grasp of the customer’s psychology, so that the operation of the store will naturally have a greater help. After all, Sun Tzu said: the enemy awareness. There are also said: shopping malls such as the battlefield. So, if we want to develop their own business, but also need to be able to really capture the customer’s psychology.

today’s society, there will always be some people say that money can not help but spend a blink of an eye, the money spent, the goods did not see. Progressive era, high consumption groups. Consumers are consuming ideas and brands. For example: now the parents pay attention to children’s learning, no matter how much the cost for the children are willing to spend money, some parents busy with work, they think that as long as the child’s learning up, the price does not matter.

someone grabbed the parents of "all for the children" concept, followed by the emergence of the Chinese cram school, math cram school, English cram school waiting. For example: now people in order to facilitate traffic, there are private cars. Driving too many students, not a few cars a day practice. Some people see the psychological anxious students, they provide convenience for students to practice to learn to drive, charging per hour.

is doing business, such as doing business to learn to capture people’s psychology. Business contacts is extremely important, cannot do without the sale of consumer groups, the operator you learn to read, to seize the consumer what is in their heart, capture their heart needs. Try to meet their needs, sell goods, buy back the hearts of people.

good face type

young couple consumption, good face. In their purchase of goods, the same type of goods you want to recommend high-end, fashion, classic goods. To seize them in order to express love, regardless of the concept of consumption and psychological state, showing the classic fashion commodity is the witness of their love. So the operators sell the goods, they buy happiness and warmth.

has a certain position to talk about the business leader in spending together. You want to recommend expensive goods, not only to meet their "good face" high consumption needs, but also to reflect their taste, but also to express their willingness to spend on each other’s sincerity.

"love show" consumers. These people love vanity, in front of others to show off, they generally want to show their wealth or ability, love often face, afraid of being looked down upon him. In their purchase of goods, it is best to get them to the brand area, recommended brand names, as he likes to listen to the words, with his tone of speech. Happy in their hearts basically admitted their own value, and willing to spend.

family, real type


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