Point of view know the topic page problem and solution


] the author thinks that the core tip known home dynamic modification from the topic of dynamic trends, leaving a lot of problems in this topic, and analyze the problems and put forward their own solutions.

has always liked to know that, like its slogan, "there are always things you don’t know", and you get a lot of inspiration and knowledge through knowledge. But since the last page of the dynamic changes from the topic to the dynamic of friends, I know that in the topic left a lot of problems, especially the topic page is basically in the state of unavailability, as shown in figure


Note that

can be marked in red, the emergence of a large number of topics repeated phenomenon, in the state of basic shuabing. The reason for this was that I was concerned about a large number of related topics in a particular field, and that a problem was added to the topic in this field, which led to the phenomenon. But this is indeed a perfectly normal and ubiquitous situation. People are interested in the knowledge of a certain field, and must pay attention to the related topics in this field, and a certain problem is related to a certain field and must be added to the relevant topic. Plus the logic of knowing the topic page is to show a topic of its latest three problems, and the topic of the topic in the latest update time sorting. The superposition of these two kinds of situations which appeared above the scraper phenomenon.

so this article intends to talk about some suggestions and ideas about the topic page from the point of view of the product. Why is that from a product perspective? Because, from the last revision that know some weakening trend for this topic a property so discussed here is the premise to know do not involve the community as a whole.

the meaning of the topic

since we’re going to talk about the topic page, let’s start with the basic point of view and see what the meaning of the topic is. First of all, let’s take a look at the proposed structure of the problem, as shown in figure


can see that the topic is a complement to the problem, and through the topic, more people can browse to the problem itself. By knowing the whole topic system, I can find that there are two main purposes in this topic:

structured the entire knowledge system

makes it easy for users to access specific content

topic page meaning

to finish talking about the meaning of the topic, let’s go on to talk about the meaning of the page, and continue to look at



from the top of the structure of knowledge can be seen, respectively, from the directional search, people, topics, heat four dimensions, the reorganization of the problem reorganization. Then combine the above mentioned >

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