Webmaster experience to start from the interests of the site

my site has been around for 2 years, my first stop is Wangzhuan station, but I do not insist on down. Because I don’t know how to do Wangzhuan, three months to put into the mainstream Wangzhuan station website, hang a month Ali Mama advertising is only 30 yuan, did not insist on down. And then turn back to do Wangzhuan forum. But now you can charge about 200 yuan a month, and at the same time do a webmaster website. Now, through these two years of study, finally find out their own interests. I believe that when you start doing it, it feels good to do it, but what you do is not what you like, so you don’t insist on it, and you give up.

in fact, sometimes we can avoid these phenomena very well. Just do what you like. How do you find what you like? What do you like to do in real life? What do you like to see and what you are interested in? What can you do?. From the beginning, I like to do web work, but also received a lot of people’s free help, to make money on the site, although also earned, but those days is not good. Now look so don’t care about poor advertising on website. The harvest was quite satisfactory. A few months down, my webmaster website has achieved good results. Perhaps some comfort in my heart.

do the things you love, whether it is your own website, or others, you can have a sense of achievement, even if failed, I think you are not to regret what, because after all he is done, because after all, also do you love to do something.

Cai Wensheng at the three individual Adsense conference: 5% of personal websites have the opportunity to commercialize. In fact, personal website began to do when the station, more because of interest, interest in order to do this station. If every site has the opportunity to commercialize it, this is not the internet. So, I think, as a webmaster, to enjoy this station to do the process, making money is not the only standard of success. I also believe that from 2005 to 2007, many people began to do stand by, is a kind of interest and hobbies, so it can be the feelings of users and the user’s experience. If the site started, our plan is to make money, it is not a personal website, the probability of success that may be lower, because it will affect you do stand in the process of some thoughts and ideas. So, I think, in personal interest to do stand, to maintain, such personal website vitality will be stronger.

of course, when a personal website achieves a certain stage, when the users are large enough and the traffic is enough, they have the opportunity to commercialize. This also requires you to commercialize, because you will need more bandwidth, need more people to maintain; to face the funds, teams, management of all aspects of the problem, are indispensable.

webmaster should have the courage to try and learn. By changing our thinking habits and ways of doing things, we can not always stand on our own point of view to judge ourselves not knowing what we don’t understand

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