Sina WordPress cloud blog plugin with theme upload problem


push out of the cloud platform provides a great help for us to do the wordpress blog friends, so there is no need to buy their own space with the domain name, the direct use of the Sina cloud platform to build their own two level domain name blog, although the two level domain name blog, but this blog promotion is better than third party platform blog is much better. Here’s how the Sina cloud blog uploads themes and plug-ins.

In fact,

is relatively simple at first. As long as you register your account, and then install the WordPress program in the "application warehouse" of the cloud platform, a simple wordpress blog is built. I believe many friends think it’s simple, just like I thought it was OK at first. But when I opened the WordPress background to upload themes and modify some plug-ins, I found that the background does not provide these operations. So, I also find a lot of ways, and finally know how to upload related topics and plug-in problems. So today to share with you on the cloud platform based on how to upload the theme of WordPress and plug-ins, I hope you do not follow me as much detours.

first we’ll log on to the cloud platform, then click edit code in code management, and then there will be an interface like the following figure.


our general theme, upload and plug-in, is under the WP-content column to operate on it. Double click the directory to upload your downloaded files under the relevant directories of the theme or plug-in. Warm prompt, in the column below can only upload folder, cannot upload the compressed package.

if we upload a lot of things, you can upload it by way of compressed packets, we can see through the following figure, just click the upload code package, you can upload. However, it is worth noting that the compressed packet only supports uploading zip, GZ, tar.gz three kinds of code packages, the size of the file can not exceed 20MB, the same name file will be covered. After the upload directory structure to archive directory structure and directory in the picture above is consistent, the root directory or the time you have no way to file the cloud platform.


we look very difficult, in fact, the operation is very simple, the theme with plug-in upload up, we can go to the WordPress background related operations. People who have used the WordPress cloud blog know that the WordPress background can not modify the code, we can only modify the code through the cloud platform.

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