Three months to build a profitable industry website

everyone says, starting from the most familiar with their own field, I do this site is more in line with this condition:

first, our website has been more than three years, has been running a local consumer information, electronic coupon website, website now is doing well, although there is no big investment to enter, but the basic life is no problem, what is the specific site I is not afraid to do advertising too written (ruminate network since the early, this website has accumulated a lot of experience, so do the new website is very targeted, and the target is very clear.

second, I am more understanding of instrument industry, instrument industry should be considered a relatively specialized field, domestic manufacturers have a few million, and similar foreign manufacturers but there is a large gap. But the industry is an important part of the country’s strategic development, especially with sophisticated instruments. The instruments mentioned here are mainly analytical instruments, biological instruments and so on. These instruments are also cheap, tens of thousands of pieces, millions of dollars, tens of millions, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, cell analysis. Therefore, the industry has a certain threshold of competition, the general enterprise did not accumulate, it is difficult to enter. We do this instrument network, that is, in view of the characteristics of this industry, effective operation and promotion.

competitor analysis:

at present, the industry’s website also has many, but do better there are one or two, the development of space is still very big. Other sites are non professional website operators, some industry association is the association’s website, some instruments company do a website to sell their own, leaving some instrument agents, their understanding of the site are less, the corresponding website promotion experience is relatively small. This is our advantage, I believe we can be innovative in the mode, stand out.

we have the resources:

: first of all, I am more familiar with the analytical instruments industry. Our company has a special instrument related software developers, so the analytical instruments, biological instruments, such as the principle of understanding. The company has the corresponding personnel to be able to provide certain support, to these specialized personnel’s demand also may grasp very well, develops the content which they need.

then, we have a lot of colleges and universities here, the school learning of these students, they can hire as a part-time job, so in the construction site early to reduce costs, for the website to provide the perfect rich content is very good.

finally, we have the deep cooperation of similar instrument manufacturers, they can provide a lot of professional knowledge, information, etc., this is what other companies do not have.

website construction process:

this idea in the beginning and my friend mentioned, but we are bent on doing web search this idea, a flash.

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