Zhang San said PR look at the future of small and medium sized webmaster

is also engaged in the Internet industry for six or seven years, the station is some all-powerful in the media business, and our small owners only with a look up posturing our counterparts, although the gap between the peers, but we can only sigh to describe the unfathomable, far away. Many webmaster naively rely on a strength to others "top hat" to reflect the value of existence, their attention, of course, they are successful, become our example. The sad only we the webmaster are clear, remember just contact some statistical system, I often wake up to see the data, even if it is a rose IP, a ranking, that is to be happy. In the meantime, there are a lot of sad, but also a lot of feelings.

in our webmaster eyes, Baidu is seen as the only God, respect, who is also the untouchables. When drinking tea with friends last night, we talked about this, everyone agreed that Alibaba is indeed good, dad did give people a sense of the most incisive cheerful. Zhang San thinks, "the growth of website now and life are a kind of", through contact each big website stationmaster, discovered such a website grows type "standard":

1) and PR0-PR4, such as newborn calves, are not afraid of tigers, and this period is one of the most dynamic and creative stages, and they can do without scruple in accordance with their ideals and goals. Their goal is grand, they dare to look forward to a brilliant tomorrow to struggle, dare to challenge, hope to use this "aggressive" as soon as possible to the light of day.

PR5-PR6, 2), such as over twenty young people, there is no doubt that treason is their arrogant label, there is no denying the period of fighting strong, potential is the largest, is one of the most plastic stage. But they have not learned the deep meaning of the word "attitude", "humble, low-key" to the big industry! They treat PR4 webmaster is almost despise! This high-profile you are not forget how you started from 0? "Underachievement" will eventually make those websites ignorance is discharged to the beach.

PR7, 3), such as the "man" of the year. Middle-aged people to have their own business, and has determined life goals and their own direction of development, know how to run your own business, how to establish a blueprint for the future, the future direction of development which is a rational dominant period, in the possibility of the establishment before they considered the most. They can rely on their own ability to independently undertake the responsibilities they should bear, ability and responsibility is proportional to, they shoulder the responsibility to drive the industry progress, become the industry benchmark, every act and every move will cause a stir the calm lake. It’s not too much to call them role models.

4) more than PR8, such as "forty without confusion", means that when people reach the age of forty, there is nothing to worry about or doubt, and there is a mentality without choice and retreat. Now >

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