Runaway comic This is the difference between senior operations manager operations and primary operat

Nanjing company is mainly responsible for runaway runaway comic related products, video and community operations, as the company responsible person, my team is divided into basic business operations, and more skilled operators, and senior operating three echelon, including myself from the basic operation step by step to climb to the top management of the operation I believe, what I see and experience will be helpful to you.

1. Senior operators know what they want to do and be good at working around the business core,

we start a new case to start, according to their own strengths, and new business needs of different projects, the couple will be divided into operation group, operation group and operation group video community, of course, from the media operations group, business groups…… And so on, will also have the rotation and several roles during the work, in order to let the couple as soon as possible to understand the company’s business processes, but also to multi direction as objective assessment of the operations staff, to mine his potential, and then decided to stay, leaving the post or post.

legend: using TXT documents to describe the operation and promotion channels of our company, I believe many companies are also the process.

from A company, B company switched to a more mature operation will have a certain scale of operation concept structure, and according to this structure, based on past experience and present situation of judgment, make new work flow adjustment. But just entering the operation is not a more comprehensive business philosophy, even if it is the ability to study independently, it is possible that he had self taught operation experience, but do not know how to start in the work.

for example, the runaway comic website, all the staff of the new recruits, the old couple, are on the first day of the 2000 official website browsing posts, and to tell the master with his impressions. And then there will be the first watershed:

primary operations: just browse the posts and describe the interesting degree of the post in the report;

intermediate operations: browse posts, and note which are good posts, which are bad posts, and will also pay attention to the site’s architecture;

senior operations: browse the post, my heart will be an analysis of why some posts like the number, like the number of posts is low, which is associated with the user attribute website; Web page’s structure is reasonable, it is customary, comfortable? Wait。

legend. The new structure of the website operation runaway comic must understand that.

1. runaway comic home has 5 categories: home, diffuse violence, Odd Photos, video and text;

home page: all posts that are recommended to users through algorithms.

diffuse violence: all through drawing cartoons for post runaway expression.

Odd Photos: all non runaway comic.

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