The stationmaster must go down proudly

about three or four years ago, I joined in this group, at that time very worship of the site, site always think this thing is very high, and now think, oh, feel very cute! But since joining in this group, I have not had a pleasant day day, all day in the maintenance, update, sleepy, little rest, hungry, just meagre meals! Occasionally go out with friends who play! With my girlfriend shopping, but most of the time in dealing with

and website!

sometimes saw a lot of people complaining about online owners complain that the webmaster of this industry is not good, can not earn money, I feel very strange, why people will only complain? You said not to earn money, but some people still have a GGAD check! You said the site is now difficult to do, but some people now a successful! How do you see? Remember long ago read an article called "don’t waste the youth on the website" (like a title) the author said that the stationmaster industry closely reasoned and well argued, not good, do not have too much fantasy of what ah! What do you say of what industry? FBI? Or to sell the plane? It is oil ah, but you are actually able to do


I advise those owners who have a negative attitude, not in a negative attitude in the face of life, Little strokes fell great oaks.! I believe you will be rewarded! We must in this industry, the proud

go down!

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