Car home 47 7% equity value 1 billion 600 million vertical website want to realize from the conte


group has been on the Internet about safe car field does not change, although negative, 6 billion investment in the development of a good car safely but busy, Ping An Group and a larger investment, the acquisition of vertical site car home 47.7% stake for $1 billion 600 million, as a vertical website, after the valuation obviously again for the industry shocked, people once again eyeing the vertical


‘s original car home realisation: content + ad


‘s first car home is to make the content of birth, and then sell some ads on the site, now the car home, it is not difficult to see that these traces, in terms of content including automotive information, reviews, product, car video and other basic information, of course, in addition, the car home and the forum, online comments to the user to speak of the plate.

in the form of advertising, car home is very meticulous, home sky advertising, video window, focus and other forms, and in the content pages, forums, etc. product library two pages also have advertising sales, obviously, car home had to cash in the main commercial advertising business model under the foot of the skill, compared this car home and the traditional portal, is the only comprehensive and vertical difference, in the form of profit, obviously, no more than the traditional portal site too much, of course, the car home full of basic work, started to break


car home realization of the road: from advertising transformation to selling products


in 2012, the car family changed, and the media in the automotive field "car home", "used car home" set up as a company, to "car home" named. For this change, Qin cause qichezhijia CEO said: "the future development mode of car home is to establish a one-stop Internet service platform, including information, forums, electricity providers, social and other different service modules, according to automotive consumer demand, have their own emphasis and choice."

after the "double eleven", the car home in the field of electricity supplier demonstrated amazing explosive force, the so-called electricity supplier popular saying, that is to sell products. We look at a set of data: in the "crazy car home 11.11 Car Buying Festival theme activities, the number of vehicles ordered in 2013 17776, for a total amount of 2 billion 643 million; in 2014 the order number of 37117 cars, the total order amount for 6 billion 54 million yuan; 2015 day order car number is 54085, the total amount of 8 billion 765 million yuan purchase……

and content information forum, drainage, advertising and comparison, and the 2014 car home to build a business platform car mall, obviously, the latter, liquidity and imagination obviously, the car home in the long Internet explore profit point found in the process, not content with pull advertisements but directly in >

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