How to optimize the server of foreign marketing website

actually do stand long time webmaster all know, choose a good server will give us hard to do stand, bring unexpected effect. The reason is simply that the station is not for the sake of its own sake. The quick response server helps speed up the search engine and the user’s access. In particular, the value of our target customers, their feelings, or is favored, is our power to build the site. It is imperative for our God to provide a high speed access space.

half a month ago, received a single, is a production of brick Trade self-employed, there are three countries to build language websites. Because the database and style of what is provided by the other party, very smooth, ready. After the test, there is no problem with the delivery. But yesterday, the other side called again to say that the speed of the visit was slow, especially for some foreign users. So I began to do after-sales service, I tested in my own space, no problem, in the other party space test is no problem. Why foreigners do not? Distress in an afternoon, aimlessly looking for answers on the network, and finally a kind of friends offer a clue: it is not placed in the server? Suddenly find the root of the problem. Indeed, the server location choice in China, our own browsing is not the problem, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do foreign trade so smoothly, to know the region will give the web browsing speed has difference. Many of the domestic server access abroad is very slow, so call each other, specifically told him that the server is the problem, if you want to quickly open, you have to set up servers abroad. If you are browsing the website information transfer is very slow, the basic is the slow death, the deal on the basic question.

there is now a growing number of Internet users in the use of the search engine more and more progress, but no matter on the network know much, but as long as things are aware of the need to go to the search engine search can find. This is why more and more enterprises put their own product keywords to do everything possible SEO good reason. The purpose is to sell yourself with a search engine. But even if you understand the importance of search engine sales, there is no correlation between authenticated analytics servers and search engines. Like the brick producers abroad do promotion but the server set up in the country, it is possible because of the speed problem, resulting in reptiles such as spiders cannot update timely, which included, sometimes to the search engines in trouble, directly affect the search engine keyword ranking, the sales should be followed the decline. In a word, the domestic server to optimize foreign websites, in the optimization of the timeliness and optimization of the difficulty coefficient itself is more unfavorable, and in effect, there may be a discount. To this end, it is recommended that such foreign business stations, select one or two foreign promotion of the server, a bit of regional work, website optimization is more favorable, but also does not necessarily increase costs.

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