am a successful webmaster am also a failure of the webmaster


I was born in 1982 from Jiangxi, Ji’an, pure Jiangxi Laobiao home, surrounded by mountains, the villagers are simple. When reading learning is good, the test at the University of what, in the first phase of examination, because a classmate lost 20 yuan, and then I just stole 20 dollars from home money (at that time the family was poor, when reading every week with meals only 3 yuan pocket money, look at others to eat snacks, so tempted to steal money from home) so the students every day that I stole the money, according to the dispute to no avail, I love this man face, not long after I leave school. To tell you the truth, when I studied well, I expected a lot from my family. After leaving school, my parents often hit me and scolded me, but in the end I didn’t go to school. At that time, because he was only 14 years old, so he could not work. Stayed home for two years, raised fish, raised ducks, planted fruit trees, and had a small business. In the eyes of the village people, I am a weirdo in the eyes of my relatives and friends. I always think of something that other people don’t want to do, even if I don’t think of it. For example, in December of that year, other people planted winter vegetables, and I tend to grow in autumn to grow sparse dishes, in fact, that is, anti season vegetables. At that time, in the village village, no one heard of the "season against vegetables" this word, so no fewer strokes home abuse, village people are pointing fingers, saying I’m a weirdo. I must have been 16 years old, and I could not stand the pressure from all sides, so I went down to work in Fujian.

has worked in Fujian for several years, and has paid no more than 700 yuan a month. Later, I went to Shenzhen with my friend. For about 4 years, I saved some money and opened a shop again. And then had to go back to work in the factory, the mood is really bad, very bad. When I bought a cell phone, there was nothing to do when I was out of work, and I opened the mobile Internet. It was at that time that I knew how to make money. I like new things, and immediately I decided to make money. Of course, at that time, only part-time work, because it will have to live, there are girlfriends, can not let her live in fear of it. And with about one year, the mobile phone is mobile phone website, when the site is very well done, the government will own mobile phone website that, web content can be written in a yellow, as long as your content is yellow on the right, and then mobile phone station is very few, so the site is easy to flow. Ad click rate is very high, every month can earn 1000 yuan.

is the first month of the 07 year, his girlfriend of 4 years broke up, the reason is that her parents had no son, and her family in Gansu, so it is necessary to put her parents into my home in Jiangxi, took over the words you want to buy a house, get married, have to live, if so we need to have at least 200 thousand, and his girlfriend worked hard 4 years is only tens of thousands of deposits. She said she was too tired to hold on. When I heard what she said, I was as mad as a mouse. We loved each other so much, never quarreled, said anything I didn’t want to do, and even threatened to break up with death. For a while I was really crazy and the class didn’t go

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