Looking at website marketing from the cup

many people regard marketing as a difficult task, but a good marketing staff should not only have theoretical support, but also need practical experience to improve the marketing process. Today, let’s take a look at the ordinary cup to see how marketing combines theory with practice.

theory one, work is only heavy, the result is not heavy process, but can see the process

through the resultWhen

walks with the cup, the glass is broken on the ground by someone else. The responsibility is not for others, because you haven’t properly protected the cup.

as a marketing executive, your market is the cup, your cup will be someone to devour, not the responsibility of others, you do not have to open up the market, the market does not maintain good responsibility. Any excuse to dodge this marketing personnel are meaningless. Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said: "no matter the cat catches mice is a good cat". It’s also a word that only results in nothing. I think our boss every enterprise will not own to personally with every marketing personnel to open up the market, then we need to use their own marketing personnel the ability to survey, to analyze, to plan, to open up the market, this is how to open up the specific marketing personnel themselves, perhaps one of the only you can know sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

theory two: the use of good relations, grasp the pulse of good people, effective relationship marketing, opportunity marketing,

cup is not only water use, the morning can take water brushing with cups, morning when you can use a cup to drink tea, guests, guests can use the cup coffee, the evening can also be used to put milk, even pens, flowers, stirring.

for market people, cups are like channels, connections, connections. Huadu hospital (www.hdfk120.com) marketing strategy to meet the wishes of people who aspire to a director, eager to improve the lives of their potential to achieve the ideal, also make the interpersonal relationship more closely. Selling in caring lives and caring for others in sales work not only builds long-term, harmonious relationships, but also brings benefits to hospitals.

On the basis of

but this marketing must be set up in each other’s needs, otherwise it becomes qiangmaiqiangmai, although the first consider the other party made a human relationship on the face, but this relationship continues to benign development becomes questionable. The application just like the cup, not any cup can play value in any situation, Sheng chemical cup if it will be used for the guests to tea unintended consequences, with a small cup of coffee will seem neither fish nor fowl run etc.. As a successful marketing personnel, reasonable use of the relationship, the relationship between play potential, providing the most needed service when a friend needs most, when friends don’t need to provide the services do not need to know ourselves, to build a harmonious and happy relationship, to firmly seize the hearts of customers.

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