t was written after the Guangzhou webmaster conference in 2009

yesterday noon, I arrived at the Wa King Town Hotel in Guangzhou, in 2009 Guangzhou webmaster conferences, came to the hotel after I phoned Huang Baohua (Ali mother community senior moderator), first saw the Chinese brother not recognize them, with advantages of photos of the differences, see the real fertilizer. After seeing each other is not strange, and soon chatted together.


himself and Huang Baohua (right)


sign webmaster more, so more than 2 officially began in congress.

This conference will

e-commerce in the first place, Dong Qinfeng proposed the development potential of Taobao passenger operation mode in speeches, and jurisprudence vulgar website operation mode in the future China Internet is not popular. After all, the state has increased this crackdown.

traffic can not be placed in the first place, quality is the key!


Panyu community Wen Guofeng mentioned in his speech when I was basically a month to visit my cnzz, because I know the local forum availability of flow is very small, although the 2-3Wip every day, but one can truly become a loyal user forum was not less.

Guo Jijun proposed in the lecture: to retain users, only by interaction, by beauty, rely on a relationship! When walking this SNS operating in Chongqing, Guo Jijun has been to other SNS above a beauty dug up, and then register these technician relationship with the vest (and chat). Keep the beauty, then the other fellow will follow in, oneself also can retire after winning merit.

website is for profit, and profit is the most direct means of e-commerce. Personal webmaster do e-commerce means is the most direct Taobao customers, A5 hadron also said, Taobao is a good mode of operation, but the lack of favorable promotion, which means that Taobao customer is not affected by too many people’s cognition, when Congress questions have asked this question. Taobao customer service executives also expressed concern.


conference without too much emphasis on SEO, SEO can flow from the search engine, but the flow requires transformation that is another issue, the future of the SEO route is not only SEO, but to SEO and the combination of the site itself, and not to flow and SEO, but to make money and seo.

SEO and China 2010 SEO training direction: SEO basic knowledge and SEO Traffic conversion combination.


himself and Guo


himself and the laggards fish


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