ntegral management will make the forum model undead

some time ago to see an article wrote "campus forum brilliant and lonely", in the face of micro-blog, WeChat and so on renren.com, one by one to rise, before a lot of high flow campus forum not brilliant, other types of forums have similar situation. On the one hand is the reason of site type and social demand, is also due to the core value of forum of the problem, the core value of the forum will have to mention the content in the end is what? Management mechanism is suitable for the current forum member


one, forum model

Model focusing on the exchange, the

forum of each post, has a unique theme, with the following reply, we can think of the topic and replies fusion, related problems can be solved! Baidu and Baidu are known Post Bar derivatives forum mode, with strict management of Baidu know this product, on which we can ask and answer questions, such as our demand is similar to Baidu Post Bar smoothly done or easily solved; and QQ group, everyone do replies may be, may also be no longer a problem, and we play Post Bar is more "lonely"! In the end of the forum model should be taken Baidu know the route or route for Baidu Post Bar, now more and more precise segmentation, we operate the forum can not laissez faire free growth, to do is do outdoor outdoor, online shopping is the display of goods, data is for learning The exam, personal webmaster era of casual is no longer adapt to the current development of the Internet, visitors through the search engine over, and to find the answer to the question, not to chat, chat with QQ, WeChat, forum and more trouble, so strange. Walk the fine line, first to strictly control the theme of the forum and the atmosphere, irrigation and second to prevent the registered machine through the program, third SEO optimization is essential, along with other new sites to rise, we only have to do homework in order not to be eliminated.

two, forum integral management,

The above model mainly describes the

forum forum content and technical aspects of the problem, but the forum activity as well as the expansion of the scale of the integral level of management mechanism must be in some time! You have access permissions to read the forum is not enough access, reading posts need gold coins to buy, the Forum lottery exchange activities must consume integral and so on, and now the more is can increase traffic and user viscosity! How to use


1, the forum to take the boutique line, first of all, must be posted on the essence of points, to encourage members to create more good content

2, for high-quality content requires high authority to read, that is, members upgrade, do forum tasks, post to do promotion,

3, to members of the individual to take points exchange sweepstakes, can be virtual goods or objects in order to improve the activity and interactive

4, to participate in integral activities, the necessary points, posting, selling posts, access points, such as

5, if there is a personal need, there are problems, you can send a reward post, adopted replies send integral


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