n my article station on line experience

in fact, whether we do articles, websites or software download class website, different industry sites, and its promotion methods are almost the same. Today, I will be my article stand how to promote, do a simple experience share! Hope to play a role in attracting!


I want to talk about my article, the station is a website which was made in the beginning of 2010. What is the specific website, and I don’t want to be afraid of being called AD. Because before doing this station, I think a lot of the theme, the website localization in what direction and so on, my website program and the name of the site keywords, changed many times, half a month to start, Baidu is not included, so I don’t change the program, not the title, no more new content a few days later, Baidu released a collection of web pages, but because my program changed many times, Baidu included the long gone! No way, had to stick with it, I hope there will be a miracle.

now is my website snapshot will be updated every day, and the amount collected is also good, my website article has a total of more than 300 articles, Baidu included me more than 200, while Google is more, there are more than 310 (not to mention fraud, including other pages)! But only the weight is not high, perhaps because outside I stand not chain, and Links sites are some new sites, I need to do every day or continue to update the article, my original articles are false, not because of what time to manage, so fewer original articles.

in my impression, Baidu for new sites, it is not so cruel and strict. Because I stand so modify the program and title for many times, there is no update after a period of time, but Baidu spiders will still come every day! (each station every day, the spider to climb, even if Baidu is down the right, the spider will still climbing!) now I will go to the station every day update one or two article, if not more, but also enough! I for the quality of the article is not very strict, although the content is king, as long as it is not purely to copy and paste it, every article I will go to update the title or put some text position, while the body is so


in fact, for the promotion of this website, I didn’t make much effort, neither optimized keywords, nor to send soft Wen, but every day will be quantitative to blog there review, release the chain. There is still time to some high popularity of the forum posts by signature Dingding, forum to lead the spider and some visitors.

now this time, I always think the content of the first, the chain first! Have a good content, not outside the chain of support, Baidu gives you the weight is not high; a good outside chain, no good content, so it is tantamount to a garbage station, sooner or later be eliminated by the user and Baidu! This paper from the www.kangre.com, please retain the information reproduced


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