Big medium small business website operation a few gaps

I don’t know much about the operation of the company, but I’ve seen a lot of companies and see a lot of them. Maybe it’s the mode of operation that defines the size of the business. Don’t talk too much. Look at the differences between big, medium and small businesses. Let’s find out why, too.

user experience chapter

large enterprises: to improve the user experience of the website by investigating the big data on the website, and to evaluate the quality of the website through questionnaire survey.

Enterprises: through the customer survey to determine the user experience of the site, and then use a small amount of data analysis to improve the site.

small business: define the layout of a website through the intuition of the boss or manager, and then improve the site through the user’s initiative to ask questions.

designer article

large enterprises: through the market investigation and analysis of user needs, and then through conference discussion to define the layout and design of the website, color collocation, etc..

Enterprises: designers through self creative analysis of the structure of the site, any leader through discussion of the results, repair, revision, change is so set.

small business: unconditional, all listen to the boss’s arrangement, the boss will find a website, ask you to imitation station, after the repair, modify, change will not stop.

SEO optimization chapter

enterprise: the most junior SEOER have their own promotion ideas, can be the first to declare the leadership method, can only execute the SEO method by themselves, if there is no way, can follow the method assigned by the SEO supervisor to perform.

Enterprises: through the leadership of their own arrangements, in accordance with the SEO optimization plan table, and then optimize the place through the Excel records, daily or weekly to the leadership.

small business: in addition to SEO chain and station articles, the rest of their own arrangements, if long time did not achieve the effect of optimization, but also need to go to the boss, that explains why.

network promotion chapter

: large enterprises generally have their own platform, do not need to do other promotion outside the station, safeguard their WeChat, micro-blog, WeChat or micro-blog but published content must be approved by the supervisor or above level audit, but need to do.

Enterprises: through superior arrangements to: Baidu know, library, experience and other places to publish information, through professional editors contribute to major industry portals to promote.

small businesses: the main way to promote depends on SEO above, followed by classified information, forums, advertising areas and other places to advertise.

internal management section

: enterprise management layers work orderly, division of labor is very detailed, if it is in a position to the full performance of the special award, most of the jobs are relatively perfect, > intrigue

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