SNS’s end a hammer business comes and goes quickly


SNS website will be hot and flooding the world? Because SNS "a more interpersonal communication based on characteristics of multi pass", relying on existing technology, can quickly and cost to build a website platform! As a marketing tool and its expansibility is very strong.

SNS what is it? A popular explanation is the social network service (Social Networking Services), to provide you the establishment and operation of the social circle of the Internet application products and services. As explained, most websites, such as EMAIL, IM, blogs, podcasts, communities, and personal space, belong to the broad SNS category of products and services.

and special SNS products and services, based on the 1967, the famous American psychologist, Harvard University professor Mir Glenn (Stanley Milgram) six degrees of separation theory (Six Degrees of Separation): between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, by at most six people you can know any a stranger in the world. According to the theory of six degrees of separation, each individual’s social circle is constantly enlarged, and finally become a large interpersonal network.

in the realistic society, between strangers and through mutual friends introduced to form a circle, each person does not need to know all the people directly, only by his friends, friends of friends, can indirectly know all the people. But in the virtual society, you just have to put yourself on a platform, so that many people can see, contact and know you. The advantages and disadvantages of the two obvious social reality has the advantages of reliable, reliable relationship based on the social circle, the disadvantage is to establish the relationship between the slow speed and high cost; and the advantages of virtual networking is high speed and low cost, but even the real name system of website, reliability of the relationship has yet to be verified.

is about 3 years ago, when MySpace and Facebook came out, everyone says this "money"? Immediately registered in around a circle, no meaning; then the Tencent launched a QQ space, everybody is the imitation of foreign blog, do not love to write, so there is no need to open this function; later, the Sohu launched the play version of blog, everybody is the highest technical content, easy to use the most blog, to try, feel a bit mean, love style also opened. Then what Xiaonei, 5q and 51 are running out, and are the fire, were registered, but registered after never go too, because they do not know why to go? This summer, often receive friends sent the happy net registration invitation letter, because before you know the inside of the entertainment mode a, go, others certainly become "slaves", this game is too boring, so there has been no registration, and later because of a friend’s invitation, is to give its contribution points, also want to go in look at this site in the end what is the magic.

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