Real network entrepreneurial experience share a lot of actual combat experience 1


if you open this article that you are probably also a restless heart, brave man. If so, Congratulations, you will have an unusual experience, enough to make you proud of life, even if the failure is also of course, you will be with vigour and vitality, all the working people than those who muddle along without any aim will have a chance to become a Bill Gates, or a Rockefeller.

this article will involve consumer demand survey, profit model design, website planning, construction, company registration, server purchase, recruitment and marketing. There are a lot of people can’t understand the hardships, there are rare anecdotes, in general, is to have mixed feelings.

this article may harm others or adverse effects, because I exposed some of the little-known "profiteering" underground industry, but because of this, this article in order to reflect the real side of it. If you like or help you, please support, thank you!



August 2006, brewing more than 5 years of entrepreneurial projects gradually mature, I decided to resign formally, join the Internet industry force.

when I graduated from the University for only two years, after two years of hard work, I have been in Wuhan in the design of a highly profitable has become an important member of the intelligence department, the annual salary of 60 thousand is not much, but for a liberal arts students, is still hard to give up, but more importantly, I will soon be promoted to department head. At this point I made the decision that everyone around me, including leaders, colleagues, family members, classmates, even LP, felt sorry. But one famous person said, "one thing comes at the expense of something else, and I think the exchange is worth it,


the project I chose was information service, so I didn’t have any experience before, so I divided my venture into three stages:

The first stage of the

is to explore the needs of consumers for about 1 years.

second stage, master marketing skills for about two years.

The third stage of the

is to form a team and start implementing real projects.

to now, I have been in the second phase of the medium-term, entrepreneurship for nearly two years, the harvest is not small. Due to the recent plan to set up a "Wuhan business club", in order to Wuhan city and entrepreneurs to conduct exchanges and cooperation, so will some experience to share with you friends in entrepreneurship, hope to have more like-minded friends to join the club.

, stage 1: exploring consumer demand.

just quit, and he’s in a good mood. Because the train of thought is clearer, so the website is on the line very quickly.

by the way, although I’m a liberal arts background, I particularly enjoy planning

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