Baidu refused to promote can only shield

I have a site for a while, and still good before, every day snapshot, every day included, and the article is more than original. But I didn’t expect it. Why is my station being K? I really don’t want to understand. I didn’t cheat, nor did I do anything. Seems to be in line with the requirements of search engines.

at this point, I remember, one day, a "Baidu promotion" people find me. Say need, need not popularize. When I thought about it, I asked him how much it was by clicking on it. He checked it and said, "how much is 0.99 yuan?". It’s 9 gross anyway. I said: "Wow, listen to other people say that Baidu promotion is bandits, it seems right,"

then I said it would be thousands of days. I might as well be the first thousand. He replied: "spend thousands of, want to first, ha ha!"."

, bye bye.

who knows, that afternoon is still normal, more than 8 at night, when included, all disappeared, home is still there. Second days, the home page is gone. At first I was in a daze and didn’t know what was going on. Then I thought something was wrong. Baidu in the K station should not be more than 8 in the evening K, should also be the effect of tomorrow morning, right?.

later heard his friend say, "it’s blocked.". Did you do the promotion?.

China’s search engine, Baidu is undoubtedly one of the largest. Other do not say, you look at the Internet, this overwhelming curse Baidu post is evident. My buddy told me it wasn’t unusual at all. It’s normal and can’t be normal. You seemed to have offended the bank, while banks expect your interest to make money, but if you do not listen, the face is called a fast line, you can not do not want to loan tolerance, after Baidu! Also, you do not give money well, I make your site from Baidu disappeared. I want you to earn a penny, more ruthless than bank


I don’t know how many people have had the same experience with me, but today it really gives me a profound lesson. I don’t understand the technology, I don’t know what to optimize, I’m just responsible for the business of the website, and I generally manage the strategy. Previously on the search engine this thing also did not study, only know that I do web site, Baidu and GOOGLE can be included, included in the flow, traffic has potential business opportunities, will be able to make money, that’s all.

really make me laugh and cry! Today, Baidu’s face completely disappointed me. Now no one is without you Baidu, you like those monopoly operators as unscrupulous? Search auction so expensive, click fraud ratio is so high, and so on, the search will be full of money and fraud taste, and so continue, Baidu Inc is closed I see is not far away!

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