Grassroots webmaster’s way out should make rational use of resources open up the market

in the Internet industry veteran of nearly ten years, they feel more and more clearly see the essence of the Internet, because living in Xi’an is far away from the developed regions or because of their own network for network numb. Still remember the first forum in 90s, all the friends notice QQ to register, the effect is very good, one night I had hundreds of members, the forum is also lively, popular, for half a year, thousands of registered members, the content more and more abundant, but eventually, after half a year or because you do not see the development of the forum, but fixed every day in the jar and Kan Dashan, reluctantly closed.

at the end of 2008, I left work for nearly ten years, out of his own, joined the Xi’an website construction industry team, a company hired a technology with a graphic designer, and I assume the manager, accounting, business and other multiple positions, is good, have a fixed income every month sometimes, meet the customers, the cost of 3 months can be covered, this has been done for 1 years. In 2009, I found the market more and more chaos, a very powerful enterprise, some companies offer to customers three thousand, some reported tens of thousands, and some graduate students set up the studio, 300 do business, began to go down this route, meet customers more than 08 years a lot. So I decided to go back to the old bank, as a grassroots webmaster, operating their own website.

unfortunately, I still have ten years of experience with the site’s operations, and I’ve been working with technology and artists for a week to build an integrated community and start gathering content and promoting it. At that time, one day we can give the website collect 500 news, the remaining time is in the promotion of QQ friends, but had little effect, so the advice from a senior engineer to proceed from the optimization, optimization, promotion, but 3 months later, still did not see what effect, at this time I do not have a few months ago the passion, but seriously consider why.

at that time, and I also operating a website I have a friend, he is very good, he operated a women’s website, but also a few months time, but his website traffic is large, and is very popular Wang, so I went to his company for advice. He told me that this a few months, he never stopped on the road, because their website is for women, so he and many women like the media for cooperation, they provide a platform for the media to provide a lot of popularity, similar to the beauty game, and the game’s name, pull a lot of sponsors, so do his site naturally greatly increased traffic.

After listening to

, I now see light suddenly, the Internet than that, a message will be out of the millions of websites, so I want to content is not suitable for our webmaster, in fact, we all have many resources, we like to develop, you need to integrate these resources.

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