How to make my personal blog website blog thousand yuan

personal blog, I have done a few, and I also like everyone else from other industries into the station, this line, I do not do this line before, I would like to see the type of hype information. One day accidentally saw SEO to enhance the flow of articles was deeply attracted, then I am curious to read the article to me very inspired, it brought me a new world, when I am studying for a long time after only know that SEO is a professional website optimization, on the types of articles most of the webmaster write blog, then I also made a blog. A period of time that the personal blog is too professional, most personal blogs are in the business of SEO, although the website ranking is also good, but because the site only SEO content, greatly reduced the website expansion tunnel.

monopoly of new media

webmaster may have such experience, when the popular personal blog can have a good income, such as Lu Songsong’s blog is very successful, and now since the media talk about high rank did not emerge in an endless stream, the media, from the media and news sources of this one advantage, a natural person blog is not valued, that person the basic blog was eliminated in the talk about their own personal blog SEO article in several portal release, webmaster portal SEO the rich. Relying on the SEO business site basically does not make us money. But we can change the personal blog or very promising, our website ranking is much higher than enterprise website. Now I will tell you how to solve this problem.

personal blog channel revision

we want to add content, we need to change the previous channels, first in Baidu search factory, enterprise website, and some related product information. There is a correlation between personal blogs and personal blogs, because personal blogs are not allowed to make vertical sites, so information should be taken into consideration. Then there’s the channel, and our website template doesn’t need to be modified. The website channels are adjusted directly to increase the number of channels. Of course, also can put all the SEO into a separate channel, channel two channel two channel increased, engage in some edge related articles industry word as the two name, this is in order to earn good factory boss money to prepare. Modify the channel, you need to go to the search engine to submit change of address, otherwise included will drop a lot, avoid website traffic plummeted.

article collection and blog update strategy

website revision, it will not be the same as before, updated an article a day, after revision, at least 15 articles updated every day. Half a novel, collect an article, and then publish, collect articles, not from the question and answer platform, question and answer platform, every day there are many people have solved the problem. A problem has many answers, I didn’t take a dozen solution collection into an article is a high quality of the article, after the release of ranking is very high, and the user can solve the problem of nature is very good, most will give an evaluation to improve the interaction of the website.


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