A fellow of the Quanzhou punk said

gave me a great surprise, this www.chinaz.com is actually Quanzhou people do, very curious? According to the logic of science, which has Quanzhou such soil? But the denial of my opinion, indeed people out of Quanzhou, to my surprise he was an unbelievable, but in fact the students again? Give me the confidence to accept such a good webmaster.

his name is A Fei, Quanzhou, and in my understanding, normal Quanzhou is no network of soil, but he is too outstanding. Although there is no lack of entrepreneurs in Quanzhou, there are too few things on the Internet, really. If you are interested in this station, then send it to the post, together to support such a webmaster, low degree, is often the most common network business team, to create the bubble Hall of Li Xiang, is said to have only a high school education, with the rise of the 265.com address, Mr. Cai Wensheng it is said that before, or do the clothing business, is a high school student, so outstanding talent, so I influence on entrepreneurship education began to decrease, it is God, or why so many good webmaster Mr.


if you have my feelings, so must know much like such as punk webmaster process, is to promote their website construction reference power. According to my understanding, Quanzhou is not out of the webmaster’s place, although living here in the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs, but the network is really not much, can make the results of the webmaster is too little.

should be said, if you think of me and hold the same view, it would encourage it, I will have another innovative web site, called tool pig www.toolpig.com, combination of ideas, not very difficult, I hope that through this pig can like web site can put more energy by the practical action support the station business, we insist on doing free included, so you don’t worry about being we included cost too much, we included free, if you want to in the rankings in front, then write a few words of the label, because we are based on the tag word search site, which is different from www.hao123.com and www.265.com don’t, more than www.114la.com, I made it clear that these stations are hao123’s grandchildren, plagiarism is too serious, although they were successful, what? That powerful web site Vitality, so we have to pay more attention to the necessary.

said here today, I still can not stop to the www.chinaz.com days to say a few words, do too perfect, brothers, we are all Quanzhou people, really for the Quanzhou punk happy, rarely a webmaster, but a few still worth recording, punk, Cai Wensheng, and the the scholar Zhuang Liangji, they are Quanzhou website example, I consider the words to express my respect for them, made perfectly, really.

should say, it is necessary to learn the experience of the webmaster

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