The SNS route round listing dream

Tianya, two Chinese characters form a quiet word, quiet, indifferent, calm. However, as the web site of the world, but not so secure, it has been changing, has been tossing and turning, driven by changes in the world and the cause of the toss, is a heart, that is, the dream of the end of the world.

you too want listed, ten year horizon, horizon ten years earlier, and its website, than it started late so much, the website has become the darling of the capital market, a thousand sails pass by the side, but not a Tianya Tianya, listed on the road is so far away, and change the world, from the capital market, there is always a kind of Zhichitianya feeling, while the gem, while the Nasdaq, sometimes seem close but sometimes seems to acquire a thing easily, far beyond the reach of.

so, Tianya need to constantly change, stop tossing, in fact, you know, toss to toss, not necessarily to day, but at least it can give people the toss a psychological comfort, it is there in feeling the stones, in the busy, busy for the dream. So, this two years, fee events from new registered users attracted a condemning, tile countless one yuan certification, to the introduction of large-scale military games "Anti Japanese War", now and then to the SNS of the revision, the stone a stone touched, trying to go through the capital market of the river, fruition.

, the mood of the world is understandable. But, I think, is listed by entranced horizon, to cut out in the basket of vegetables under the mentality of Pidianpidian to catch the trend, look at the fire on the introduction of online games, online games, Facebook red, SNS, change, change is not good because they will probably The loss outweighs the gain.. The user may not be able to withstand such repeated struggles.

Tianya Xing Ming said that the core idea of the revision is that the original "Tianya" to the outside world is the forum, the overall impression this time is the community. The original content of the world is stronger, more understanding, attention to some of the content of the incident, after revision, we prefer to personally as the center, emphasizing more personal services and products, highlighting the relationship between people. In general, the revision is also a tribute to the user in the end of the ten year.

seems that this revision, Tianya finally found the organization, it seems that take the SNS this subway, Tianya will be able to drive to the capital market as spring. Enthusiasm should not discourage Tianya, comrades should be to encourage, but I still can not help to say a truth, that is all the SNS sites are still profitable problems down the search, and the occasion, Tianya to squeeze the overcrowded train class, it is not the best policy. And, for the horizon revision, called is a tribute to the user, the problem is if users buy it? After the revision of the horizon, can increase the viscosity of the user, of course it is scared to the satisfaction of all, but changed beyond recognition, the user’s horizon since disfigured, then miserable.

listing dream, is becoming unbearable weight of the world. Quick >

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