nternet thinking teaches you to attract connections like a goddess


now the Internet thinking of new play children as they emerge in an endless stream, a dial-up wave like think out beauty. In my view, the Internet era, the introduction of a self considered almost perfect product, but no one cares, it must be your own charm, a problem.

as a good product not betrothed yet young lady, how can cause bustling, now wait for the right price to sell? The girls very wise, they show their own advantages, will be made of such goddess, others is in a continuous line. Another way of thinking, we use the Internet thinking of traction products, like a girl to build personal charm to do the charm of this era of business.

Internet thinking is a watershed in the two eras. Traditional industrial societies like mass production, mass transmission and mass marketing. These enterprises are using male thinking to do things, that is, I pursue, I use large-scale push troops, large-scale local channels. And then do all kinds of activities, to pursue my mind "goddess", this is the industrial era of all enterprises facing the basic consumer situation.

but I’m sorry, the Internet is coming. The Internet has done one thing, it has not done more, that is, the cost of connection has become lower, then this time, a new business logic came out. That is, from the kind of male thinking, business logic that we have just described to the business logic of female thinking, what is the business logic of female thinking? I make my own charm, and I attract you to connect with me.

Internet connection cost more and more low, if I put the cost in the construction of flower charm, let you automatically connect with me, so that my overall cost than you do with male thinking much lower. According to this logic, you think you know millet, millet is not very high, the cost is not high, but he concentrate on how to build their own charm, how to maintain their own community, instead of spending to advertise in the mass, the Internet connection can be used to replace, so what is the Internet thinking is the essence of free connection, more thinking, furthermore, is the charm of thinking, this is the interpretation of a view.

a lot of people who have ideas are practicing this way of thinking. I would like to say that a recent crazy transition to the Internet thinking of traditional industries – afternoon sanitary napkins. They do not have natural monopoly, not when we rest, the stately tentacles into our pockets, they do not do these things. Do they have a corner alone located on the Internet? No, they are building their own charm to the girl, learning, learning to female thinking, to upgrade their charisma, so let us and they are connected, they succeed. So, how did they build commercial glamour into a "goddess",



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