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, I hope operations staff can organize your ideas now, operator’s way of thinking and other positions must be different, if you want to become an excellent operating personnel, many perspective needs to change. This article is about how to improve the ability to control users.

in fact, much of the operation is more like managing a company. For example, moderator management from recruitment, training, assessment, promotion, rewards and punishments, leave, resign, do you think you will understand, a lot of users operating in fact and the reality is almost exactly the same. So, you need to know what you need to know the user needs, decentralization to users, users need to cultivate some excellent high quality, need to trust those who help you do things… You must… So, further away from the user, the user, floating on the surface, that is different from their own, do not understand the business overhead the.

one, control the user’s premise is to do their own

always sees the difference between top management and junior operations on the Internet. The biggest difference must be basic business capabilities. Basic skills are like economic fundamentals. They don’t have a solid foundation. What’s top class?


often asks me, "what’s the best way to do this operation? What’s the quickest way to do it? Is there a shortcut?" "yes, it’s based on a lot of practice, practice, and trial and error.". If you try too much, you will naturally know what works best and which ones are useless. So you have to take time, so you say three or four years can do top operation, you

tell some fantastic tales!

I say, do their own, in fact, lay the basic skills. Do your own work, skilled use, so you can become familiar with every detail, know what pits may be encountered, how to be more efficient, so that users will not follow you detours.

two, right attitude, do not stand on the shelf,

if you look at every successful Internet Co, you will find that the success of the company more down to earth, even if they hype brand play high force, do specific things, will be landing, this is the traditional enterprise and Internet Co.

in addition, you will find excellent operators are "cock wire", even if dressed in a decent manner, the heart will be some, some "cock wire gas."". In fact, the reason is very simple, with the user for a long time, will do, because you have to fix the user, with the user end user shelf, and you disunity, people do not play with you. Now, unlike in the past few years, any Internet products, and now in fact there are alternatives, and not a non – you can not, big deal, do not play at home,


so you want to control users, you have to straighten out the mentality, so that users can accept you.

three, trust users, know how to delegate to the user


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