Which way suitable for college students Wangzhuan haveYou can learn several Wangzhuan method

turn on the computer every day can hang up advertising, login account or participate in some social survey, it will not only make good use of your spare time, how to make some money, Why not?, believe that smart you will not waste your time.

third, no technical friend and don’t want too much time to choose to shop online, although the need for some of the cost, but you can go to work thinking, such as Taobao to open a store, then go to dangdang or other shopping sites to choose some goods to put in his shop, and then go to promotion and as long as there are people to order, you can send money to those on the shopping site to buy, sell, make the difference. So you don’t have to use the cost, or reduce the cost. This is also a good way to make money online, many Taobao customers are doing, can reduce the risk of the backlog of goods.

one, website. This method is the most long-term and most common, that is, through the construction of Web sites, providing rich content to earn traffic, selling advertising, selling services, the proportion of money earned is proportional to your site traffic. The most typical is a few gate sites, such as Sina, 163, Sohu and so on, and the site of the most cattle B personal Adsense is www.hao123’s head, it sold to 50 million of the price of sh419.

the above three aspects are suitable for students of the way you love the Wangzhuan, see a matter, make full use of my spare time, do not waste any more time to chat, watch movies, money making opportunities waiting for you. Reprinted please indicate: 99earn.org

first, the average student is a consumer, there is no economic source, investment projects are obviously unrealistic. You can use the spare time to add some free items, such as click, investigation, surfing, voting and so on, are free to join, while doing these projects require a lot of time, and the income is not much, but as long as you work hard, insist on how much it will gain. For college students now, there is so much time on the Internet. If you are talking about Q and watching movies all day, you might as well put your spare time on the Internet to make money.

second, if you are learning computer, a web design knowledge, then you can choose some Witkey task to do, there are a lot of help they need to design some Witkey website or for web design and so on, high reward is not impossible from. To be a Witkey, to help others do related website design, art, as long as you win the bid, you can receive money, so you have to master the excellent skills, otherwise it is empty talk, this method is only suitable for some people.

what is the exact meaning of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan?, it should be on the network to make money. The premise of all Wangzhuan must be formal legal. At present there are 5 main categories: Wangzhuan site, Taobao, Taobao, open bidding, customer training. Well, how do these categories make money? Let’s see.

two, Taobao. First of all, a brief understanding of what Taobao is. A network of Taobao Taobao is helping customers occupation sellers to sell things with royalty, the more things you help sellers to sell, you get the corresponding Commission is also higher, with the reality that a truth commission sales. Taobao is in recent years relatively simple fire Wangzhuan project, simple to can not have a website, as long as you take a special connection, everywhere, as long as there are people in your connection bought something your account will have money. But now, as more and more people are involved, the competition is becoming more and more fierce.

three, Taobao shop. Taobao shop is higher, the most simple method, Taobao shop is completely free, you can not spend a penny to have a network of shops own. Sign up for a Taobao account, Alipay open, upload 10 goods shop, you can become a shopkeeper. The key factor in making money is the reputation of your store and the popularity of the goods.

four, bidding. Bidding, say straight white point is, through the search engine keyword advertising, selling products to make money. Big domestic search engines include sh419 and shlf1314. Its profit model is charged by bidding advertisers advertising to profit, whose advertising costs higher priority to who advertising in the first row, click on the ads are a sh419 received a fee, no charge at. Everyone to sh419 search breast key words, show in the search results column before and the right column are price advertising, you click every time, advertisers have to pay once sh419 advertising fees. So much advertising, this wants to see you this advertising products to sell how much profit space, such as software stocks, sell a profit of several thousand, that his advertising spend time there may be several blocks, that is to say, you just click Help sh419 earned 1 dollars. This is the same as CCTV’s ad. And advertising people, through the sale of products to make huge profits.


five, training. Now various training projects in the network are also rapid, varied, here are not introduced. Training depends mainly on whether you can provide what others need most, and that shows your value. Want to do a good job training two

college students have access to the Internet. With the popularity of the Internet, almost every college student has his own computer. Surfing the Internet has become a part of their lives. So contact money online students will be more and more, so the students how to make full use of spare time to Wangzhuan


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