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Wang Tiezhong often with others said of Yang Xuejian: "what don’t let Yang Xuejian think, once she misses, can do a."

in order to better realize the transition of power, in 2010, the car easy to shoot the R & D and business division in two places office, >

century, France has been the symbol of romance, Victor Hugo is the best representative of countless great love stories and movies are from France, and the technology can never create these great love.

is changing and France is changing. Love should be perfect and full. For the French, love is an integral part of their lives.

look at HeTexted, which is similar to FMyLife a kind of life, but the HeTexted website used in the science of love, the women’s emotions expressed in words, and let everyone forwarding information advertised. This is the unique feature of HeTexted, compared with websites specifically for heterosexual women.

black, large desk, file cabinet black, white walls, in addition to the wall plants, without any decoration car easily beat CEO Yang Xuejian’s office. When taking a photographer looking for a few models, only to find Yang Xuejian carry off all that one has two small, allegedly or a media delivery.

in France, love is a sacred thing, it is like the Eiffel Tower before sunrise so pure, like a freshly baked bread as fresh, as Amelie’s music as attractive. Many people may say that love is the only survival we have to depend on. What a beautiful picture it is to close your eyes and imagine two people walking leisurely on the sidewalk in Paris, waiting for the lights to turn green. In such a scene, the description of any language is so pale that technology has never been a part of love.

chairman Wang Tiezhong is the earliest founder of car Yi Yi, and spent 3 years developing a standardized test system for used cars 268V. In 2009, Yang Xuejian officially joined the car, and two other partners, Li Huanmin and Cai Xu, were also in place. At that time, the company faced great challenges, the first no market, second no cash flow, and the capital reserves are not much.

in the collision of two people, and finally, Wang Tiezhong agreed that should be market-oriented, decided to give the company’s lead to Yang Xuejian.

"I don’t like cars.". I’m working on a service platform." She used a long teapot to make tea and poured it into a glass fair cup. It makes her look very gentle, somewhat incongruous with the huge office no confusion. Car easy to shoot is a to B used car online trading platform, look at the report, do not look at the real car, remote trading. Since 2010 on-line trial operation, the annual volume of transactions increased from the initial 700 units to 100 thousand units in 2013, sold to 163 cities nationwide.

The age of The number of


car is a real start-up". Four partners, three men and one woman. The only woman, Yang Xuejian, is CEO. Before financing, petite Yang Xuejian led three tall men together to see investors, "stand on any one of them behind the others can not see me," such a strange combination, make the investment people often ask such a question.

if your dream lover suddenly send you an ambiguous text, you will not get butterflies at a loss, mind suddenly filled with "what to do, he is not interesting ideas to me and so on. Instead of worrying about yourself, share your experiences with others and let people help you make your decisions. HeTexted is such a kind of emotional exchange website, it is committed to helping women to solve those who make her anxious dating problems. HeTexted will let those anxious women write about their secret love affair, and then let women around the world vote to decide if that man is right for himself.


, "choosing who you are with determines your future and how high your career can be."." Yang Xuejian felt lucky to meet an entrepreneurial partner who could trust each other.

Wang Tiezhong wants Yang Xuejian to do the market. But the two people’s perception of the market is very different. Yang Xuejian believes that the market is starting from the origin, the first to understand the market, the company followed the direction of demand, but Wang Tiezhong believes that the first to develop technology and products, and then find the people in need. Whether it is market leading or technology leading, this is the choice of the basic train of thought.

brings female instincts to perfection,

once an investor asked Yang Xuejian, "are you a public relations CEO or a CEO

of course, there are many couples who end their love in France, but that does not affect France’s reputation as a romantic capital.

| and Yi Rong

before you elaborate on the details, you should realize that this is a very serious matter. We’re not talking about the IPO, the investment story, or the new Angry Birds. We’re talking about love.



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