Tang Jun you’re Out Once the working emperor has been drowned wave of entrepreneurshipThe world’s

working emperor’s resume:

he was due to shortage of funds but missed the application of his invention of the painless acupuncture technique in Beijing opened a "acupuncture clinic chain" opportunity, has his own invention patent "casing acupuncture knife" products around for many years, in the patent transformation he suffered numerous setbacks, I heard "in 2011 all chips this two words, he was overjoyed and query" meaning and source of all chips from the Internet, suddenly a bright eyes, very interested, have raised him to think after the transformation of the patent and scientific and technological achievements and convenient, all the chips can solve the entrepreneurship and innovation project financing, China venture enterprise business registration every 15 thousand households, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements Chinese only in 10%, Chinese patent conversion is only 4%, this number to understand current Chinese financing demand gap is very large, and in Zhongguancun business street 2 In June 014 open street under the influence of the mind suddenly appear a creative foreign website to raise public mode so red, in the Chinese congregation has just started, to carry out all the chips will certainly help to raise public website, if you like shopping as a congregation mall, will solve the congregation raised many repeated construction enterprises the development of websites to raise financial and human resources, raise public enterprises can quickly built online platform services for entrepreneurs, Shi Hongyin after more than 24 months of the day and night finally developed on the line today to raise public mall".

in 2002, Tang Jun served as president of Microsoft China;

entrepreneur says bluntly: Tang Jun, you Out,


"all the chips mall" creative invention is a Chinese founder – Shi Hongyin. He used to be an acupuncturist and had a passion for acupuncture since childhood. He worked in acupuncture clinics, trained in acupuncture and attended acupuncture sessions.

, when Tang Jun participated in a program, he was challenged by the post-90s Entrepreneur: "he would rather be an entrepreneur beggar than a working emperor" although Tang Jun is straight


resigned as president of Xinhua in 2013 and served as president and CEO of Hong Kong and macao.

joined Microsoft in 1994 to become a software engineer;

all the chips become a financing mode of the Internet to raise public network peace All the world knows., has become a global family to raise public mall platform with independent software copyright "safe crowdfunding mall multi merchant management platform", in April 2015 for the invention patent "a city to the public Internet system, the invention of the" public "raise the mall" covering "real congregation mall", "equity raise mall" and "net lending mall", "Crowdsourcing Service Mall" and other four major mall as one of the "global family congregation to raise public network mall peace today officially on the line.

in 2004, Tang Jun retired from Microsoft as president of Microsoft China’s lifelong honorary president, and became president of the company.


once, he is also regarded as China’s first generation of net red, everywhere speech, "show off", and his only capital is to rely on their own work in the community to spell a "working emperor" aura. Wearing the ring, he also glory for several years, but now, in the wave of entrepreneurship, Anhuixiaochen. He’s Tang Jun, do you remember? Or did you hear about that,

"In the early days of Microsoft, Tang Jun said," compared with other Microsoft employees, I’m the worst in terms of technology, "

Tang Jun is an ordinary clerk in many Microsoft engineers, to become the general manager of Microsoft, President of Microsoft global technology center, Chinese District Shanda president, became the most famous Chinese highest paid occupation managers, the use of very strong during the occupation skills.

in 1997, he returned to form the technical support center of Microsoft Greater China;

"raise the mall" is settled in self built shop services raise public enterprises, the characteristics of the platform is to raise the accessibility of your project to raise the public can show to the public test platform on the market, whether you are a consumer electronics, green agricultural products, intelligent public funding, Home Furnishing, art, animation, film and television, publishing, science, drama and other creative projects, as long as there are creative, novel, one of the features of practicability, quality and security, to raise public projects in graphic design, exquisite and reasonable standard will directly through the audit in the "congregation mall" show, as long as the project demand will be unlimited chips Market, enterprise platform to raise public resources and benefits will bring infinite more customers to enter, raise public network safety will have you more.

Abstract: Although Tang Jun bluntly, the probability of success is not high, life in addition to entrepreneurship, there are many choices. But this does not seem to be recognized after 90 entrepreneurs, but also bluntly: "I think you Out, like your age, entrepreneurship is burdened with food and clothing problems, and now we are 90 entrepreneurs in order to achieve the dream."."

said. If I compete with them technically, for many years, I’m just a mediocre employee, and at most I’ll be a senior engineer. Therefore, my train of thought is to avoid competing with them technically in order to compete in different ways". To this end, he continued to use his wisdom and efforts, thus changing his fate, step by step embarked on the throne of the working emperor.

2001, the center has upgraded to support center, global support center for Asia, Tang Jun not only served as president of global support center, and served as president of Microsoft joint venture company – Shanghai minimally invasive positions;


in 2008, with a one billion price transfer to Xinhua,

if you want to tell him how he became a working emperor step by step, an article is not enough. But now people may have no interest in it.

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