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    I know Mom from admin5, a start to feel the model is worth to try, so I just registered account, tentatively released a home advertising position, the location of the original advertisement put an antivirus software ads every week gains in the range 3–6 yuan, now I sold the price set at 8 yuan, released less than two days were bought 4 weeks alimama/membersvc/buyadzone/buy_ad_zone.htm? Adzoneid=104635 earn a few bus money, don’t laugh at me, Ali mother brings income growth to me so the Ali Mama thank Kazakhstan, hope and Ali mother to each other.
  long win; found little, many webmaster advertising package transaction success this time, I talk about my experience, I hope the majority of grassroots webmaster Tongren Let’s look forward to help, grassroots income increased.

for starters, when starting a Taobao, it should be more important than quantity. Many owners think that as long as the choice of the industry is Everything will be fine.. Not really. At first, the Taobao site was new

Selection of

since 2009 the rise of Taobao guest Wangzhuan industry, more and more young people joined the industry, hope to achieve their Wangzhuan dream here, the author is a member of this crowd, from the beginning of the site does not flow to the present day, IP stable at around 5000, a monthly income of nearly a thousand, I have been very satisfied after all, I just a monk, before I contact Taobao for the website visitors understand it is rarely done like this now has been very satisfied, for the ideal of a monthly income of tens of thousands, I think I need to work.

some webmaster for the word "herd" is very disgusted, thought the Internet age only have a characteristic to be successful, Taobao guest website is the same, others to do what we can do what seems to be a bit passive. In fact, it is the right hand of this view, because once the industry so many people, is bound to increase the intensity of competition in the industry, such as the now hot weight and breast industry, you go to sh419 search will be tens of thousands of search results, to get involved in this industry may not be the best choice but novice novice. We must go to those popular promotional products industry? Obviously not, what we do is Taobao customers, to sell things, too "cold" certainly no one buys is we don’t want to see the results for the new hand, you want to promote a product to obtain a 100 Commission or the promotion of 100 a commission of 1 yuan for the product? So for their product promotion industry choice, we don’t have to be afraid, can select a field that is more popular, but you can not blindly The full-time "whole heat" industry, energy and financial resources are unable to keep up.

even though their performance is not brilliant, but as a novice, do this achievement is proud in three months, some readers may say that I do not know the original website, then why can obtain certain achievement. In fact, Taobao is the key business customers, he often visit A5 and Chinaz, learn the relevant experience here, and then use it in the actual operation process, but to tell the truth this stuff and some are not suitable for beginners to learn, such as the use of nofollow tag to avoid the dispersion of home PR, another example of a chain of text these settings, the novice may have never heard of it, and how to learn? Don’t worry, I according to the 3 months since its establishment experience a part of experience to share with everyone here, I hope to give you and he is also a novice a little guidance.

1. Product selection

1. product industry selection

2. single product

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