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light O2O ground service intervention level is shallow, such as public comment, pudding coupons, the United States group, shook the cart, easy to use vehicles.

O2O best stage

decided to shut down the store that had been running for two years. When I opened the signboard, I saw the tears in my wife’s eyes. I reached into her arms and gently comforted her. "We will do better than this,

O2O is Online-Offline. For users, the value is to find the products or services they need in the most effective way. Closed loop: offline services plus Internet media, coupled with a very good ecosystem, to pay links as a support to form a good closed-loop.

proxy mode is through coupons, reservations and other means to guide people on the Internet, go on to the consumer line, receive commission into occupied for the next line of business, this case handle network, the U.S. group net, hotel Master, pudding coupons.

two methods, five patterns to see O2O entrepreneurial thinking


The advantage of

China’s populous and crowded city of services is the best stage for O2O.

I am 79 years old youth "in 2004, I opened a small clothing store in my hometown Changsha art road, at the beginning of his fiancee and careful management, is booming, deducting various costs, net income per month in more than 5000, which at the time I think it is good a sum of income. So hold on for two years, every day I was busy store sales, purchase such tedious things, although hard but flavorfully, 2006, my fiancee and I walked into the sweet marriage, the same year, lovely son Xuan Xuan also came to the world, was the feeling that life is too good God! God really loves me! Have a happy family, I treat the business harder!

Why does

finished inventory, I began my journey to find sites around. From May to August, the whole city of Changsha has left my footprints everywhere. I remember clearly that the leather shoes were worn out, and that the two pairs of feet were too numerous to be soaked.


appear heavy O2O? This is mainly due to the low level of standardization of the service industry under the line, low degree of standardization, low level of employees IT, business positioning over time, changes in the market


recently, Innovation workshop partner Lang Chunhui at a meeting to share her views and innovative workshops on the O2O model, revealed the Innovation workshop in this area of investment preferences.


defines O2O

I did not really understand that "good flowers don’t often open, not every day is Sunday to the true meaning of this sentence, until 2007. This year, Changsha art road street clothing business gradually prosperous, all kinds of high-end women’s clothing stores have settled down, this makes my pure leisure style shop feel a sense of pressure. In May 07, just after the spring, the summer is about to enter the facade, contract has expired, when I have a year’s rent to the landlord and the landlord of the contract, but this has always been like a different person, very indifferent to the original can accept the rent almost doubled! I just begged the landlord, doesn’t mean. But I dragged myself back home.

light O2O is that assets are relatively light, network applications are easy to take, traffic purchases are relatively easy, team formation is single, and less culture clashes.

in ground services also divided the O2O into light O2O and heavy O2O.

light O2O is facing the challenge of lack of real control of the service experience, easy to enter the homogenization of competition, initial business cooperation in bargaining power is low, commission access is facing certain challenges.

Innovation workshop defines O2O as three modes: square model, proxy model and mall model.

for 3 months, but still can not find a good shop, no heart to say, but every time I come home to see his wife considerate eyes, I don’t feel so tired.

first of all, I’d like to state one thing: I have always been a loyal user of Taobao and a beneficiary of Mr. Ma’s theory of entrepreneurship. From 2007 to do Taobao shop, to 2009, I have accumulated the first wealth of life, but also for today’s career laid the foundation. To this day, I am still studying the success of Taobao, and I still insist on "cleaning up my love" on Taobao".

one day in September, a very good brother Zheng Yun when I was in high school to Changsha, that night, he and I are in the SOHO drink a bottle of Chivas, and to the river head night. Blowing in the breeze, while drinking, we talked about the situation in recent years. After listening to my story, Zheng Yun eyes a turn, told me can go shopping online to try, saying that this is now a fire. He’s in Guangzhou now

tiger sniffing, editing, and finishing as follows:

The degree of involvement of

square model is for discovering, shopping, search, comments and other information services to consumers, advertising fees to the merchant, looking for the next line of business, the mode of case such as public comment, ganji etc..

After consulting with his wife,

heavy O2O ground services are heavily involved, such as live off guests, good meals, China auto rental, home food and so on.

mall model refers to the integration of industry resources to do channels, the user can buy directly, the Commission is divided into enterprises, there is something to find online mall, the case of this model has a home, gourmet, easy to use vehicles.

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