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but you not in July reached 105, only 75 renewals in August, September, and have carried out renewals, then these are statistics together, as long as three month renewals reached 105, then your July renewal rate will be considered to achieve the objectives.

a lot of contact stiffness contact Wangzhuan friends, see all kinds of online ads dizzy, one will see this that make money, one will see that that money, tossing to and fro, finally did not earn a penny, in fact, the so-called project, it is free Wangzhuan several classes to contain, novice first you have to choose a class of its own, and then work hard to learn, to study, insist on doing it to make money, not today in this class, then a final tomorrow, each contact, but are not proficient in everything.

industry relatively early, but only in recent years has become the scale, by playing games or equipment and coins sold to the game player to gain, now set up many studios, some others have sold, leveling, and even scold!!! "


click on the others to get revenue through advertising, the price is very low, but you can get paid by the way to pull off the assembly line, a little less, but hundreds of thousands of people every day many, generally 10-20 advertising, can do a few sites, the need to do Wangzhuan do the protracted psychological preparation. This kind of general is not recommended to do, effective slow, long time, I have seen this kind of monthly hundreds of knives of friends, also do is foreign station, cheating, plus pull down line, more accounts, more site operation.

ResellerClub this domain name renewals this, personal feeling is more humane, presumably this is an advantage, taking the foreign host domain name, as far as possible the interests expand to the agents in return, common development and progress, and the ResellerClub in order to show China’s ambition to enter, then activate the agent account before September 3rd. All incentives account can enjoy the highest level of the agent price.


this mode of making money is through some platforms do questionnaire, through your questionnaire whether pass, give certain commission, this model make money more stable, but more tired. If you choose this class, it is recommended to go abroad to do some research station, do not understand English, simple, shlf1314 browser to help you solve.

, take a look at their official list of listings,

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many people are yearning for, there are many articles on the subject, and as the estimated grassroots we can really make money not much, Asia’s largest domain registrar ResellerClub, launched last week Chinese website resellerclub/cn, they provide the domain name service agent, the last analysis of the ResellerClub domain name registration rebate things see: ResellerClub domain name registration rebate plan, today we have to look at a plan. They return domain renewal.

this is relatively simple, register a good account, enter a URL hang up, once was a very good project, but with the accession to the increase now, the unit price reduced, has declined.

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said it had to admire the foreigner, the domain name registration with rebates, domain name renewals also with rebates, really is where all the money! Nonsense not say to the point:

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from their table can not be seen in the back of the actual domain renewal, they give rebate amount is very large, and this is the official renewal gives more humane solution, specific plan is, domain name renewals will advance into the accounting of renewal rates, for example if, in July a total of 150 domain name expires in August 25, September 50 domain name expires, domain name expires, and your average renewal rate is 50%, the renewal rate is 70%, which is 105.

sells good software by acting on behalf of someone else, so it’s important to choose a good software, and you need to have some marketing skills.

through the task of the main publisher’s request to vote, so as to get a commission, but the Commission is relatively low, generally suitable for novices to do.

I don’t have to dwell on, is to open shop, but need to supply it, but also have certain advantages, such as low product prices, product monopoly, new product style and so on, now in the market for Taobao, if you do not have some advantage that others do not, it is difficult to survive.

, let’s see, let’s say something about it:

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software agent

ResellerClub official said that their domain name renewal rebate is a standard, it is not as long as the renewals with rebates, their renewal standards must be more than 100, they also have a goal at renewal time, if the last three months the average renewal rate is less than 65%, the growth rate of renewals 10%, when you reach your goal, each domain enjoy rebates of 20 cents, back in the next month in the form of money to return to your account.

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