shlf1314 never told you make a big money trilogy with AdsenseDirect advertising helps advertisers ea

, Chapter 1     how to make more money with shlf1314  Adsense

shlf1314 only wants a small fraction of your website traffic. And they’re willing to pay a lot of money for this small amount of traffic!

For those who complain about their

and Adsense make it easier!

the money in your sight.

adsense won’t let you choose the content of your ad, it won’t tell you the law of the AD show, nor will it tell you how much each click cost. But that’s good because it saves you a lot of trouble. it does provide some control functions. In this book, I’ll teach you how to use these resources to better control Adsense.

The fact that the original


I is from June 2003 to Adsense, initially only in a few pages on a few Adsense advertising.

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although I don’t see what Adsense has potential at the time, but I want to put it a few pages no harm.

      experts believe: as the representative of the third generation of online advertising model, direct advertising to seize the "double-edged sword technology and application" of the Beijing World Wide Web Nexis, advertising services, Internet services and communication services integration, to achieve the precise control of the sale of advertising, interactive communication between the two sides, and reach through the depth of communication to promote the marketing, the ideal state and create business value, the online advertising industry and the whole advertisement industry progress plays a huge role in promoting.

      web advertising is the direct lianxun following the first generation network advertising portal lead and lead to shlf1314 and sh419’s second generation network advertising mode, click on the search rankings after the emergence of a new third generation model representative of network advertisement. It’s a new version of the online advertising model for PayPerCall, which is known as pay per call advertising. Both the technical characteristics of PayPerCall itself, with its own unique advantages, relying on a strong network and telecommunications industry technical advantages and background, direct advertising has been successfully achieved, including Sina and sh419, dozens of domestic website cooperation, accumulated rich resources of network media platform, let advertising directly to the target consumers. Implementation of Internet users and advertising direct two-way communication and feedback.

      operation principle of direct advertising: advertisers to advertise for advertisers on the site; consumers interested in advertising products and click free calls button and advertisers place calls. For advertisers, advertising charges are charged according to the length of the call, and technology itself blocks the lie and fraud. The telephone communication way to create business value, is the real "calls", is the most direct means of sales, but also meet the CRM Customer Relationship Management demand, to facilitate businesses to master the first-hand information of consumers; for buyers and sellers to achieve homes can be heard at home "effect" – really easy!

      Web lianxun Sales Manager Ma Qian said: to open up channels has been the most important work lianxun marketing management. When the IT industry is profitable, the channel operators are more committed to "digestion", and the completion of sales is their only important task. However, as the IT market matures, the market competition is more intense, channel operators also need to do the corresponding transformation and adjustment. The requirements of the users are deepening, and higher requirements for the business ability of the channel will be put forward

 :     experts believe that: in 2006, IT industry is entering the era of the channel, which is the essence of China’s IT process! Giving full play to the constructive role of the channel will be the most powerful way for enterprises to win in the competition!

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