You should do the chain the chain construction standards

For example,

, the chain of correlation should pay attention to

chain for the role of the well known website ranking. But with the search engine to the attention of the user experience, some methods compared to the original hair of the chain is no longer effective, even will bring negative effects to the site. So, now how to send the chain, can make your site rankings and not be adversely affected? Some of the following criteria, is that you need to pay attention to.


five, the chain form not monotone

The essence of the

three, the weight of the chain to a high of

has 100 sites, each site gives you 1 outside the chain, which is equivalent to 100 people everyone praise you a good. There is a website, this website in your 100 page to your chain, which in turn is 1 person, past Kua Hello repeated 100 times. What a better effect? There is no doubt that more to your site outside the chain, your site will have better ranking, rather than the chain from a handful of several web sites.

two, the source of the chain to a wide range of

who have been hard to do outside the chain, but the site in the search engine performance is always a very bad website, many have such characteristics, that is the chain form is single, such as >


four, outside the chain to be stable enough to

chain, refers to the existence of a chain of time should be long enough, more precisely, the chain and the page where it should be long-term in the search engine’s index database. If I found a web search engine on a chain link to your website, then it may be included, while if the chain is, will give you the website to add a little more points. But if the chain suddenly gone, search engine will think? The chain of benefits is not natural, even a negative impact. Some very stable chain, even the chain for many years, for the benefits of the website is Everfount long and profound.

chain is a kind of vote, other web site to your web site a favour, apparently the most authoritative ticket from the same site. Outside the chain of an irrelevant site, although not completely worthless, but apparently the persuasion is questionable. From the peer is not the same, after all, everyone is the understanding of the industry, so who knows what the website is good in the industry. Among these, the chain is the most valuable thing from competitors, although this is very difficult.

The stability of

is also a chain, but from a well-known authority website industry, one from the unknown, even just on the line of the railway station, which is more valuable? It’s like, also praised you play football well, but a compliment is a do not understand football the passers-by, and the other one is Messi, who would be more reference value self-evident. The chain from high weight website, search engine will pay more attention to.

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