The love of Shanghai bidding keywords on brand protection

was ignorant mind, so were stalking, and is owned by Gome Kuba stalking, really do not know is our luck, or we are lucky. Kuba should put our competitors into! Shame ah! No way, under pressure, only to find a solution. Some foreign friends search keywords, found Kuba only the Anhui and Shanghai regions bidding. Sure do this Kuba keyword bidding to the


check the information found, love has a brand protection Shanghai auction. Need to prepare some information: trademark information – Trademark Office to copy & business license copy – copy of the company, the Shanghai auction service information to love it. So I will contact the boss, the boss gave me an amazing reply, our brand did not apply for registration of a trademark, to check this trademark registered by others! Oh, this is in trouble! No way, which can do the bidding by the Kuba do beautiful to buy key words down network appliances


through our time can be a very good response to some problems, such as: the timely detection of competitor information, their trademark registration must be timely. The times in competitive rankings, once the application of brand protection, competitors cannot buy your brand, so as to effectively prevent the brand bidding status word. Phoenix nest system like ADWORDS, allowed to buy rival brands. That is to say, users search on "beauty buy Electrical Network", you can see "love Shanghai" advertisement. So if you have your own brand to register, apply for favorite brand protection, to prevent future bigger competitors, loopholes.

today we wake up in the morning, you love Shanghai, keyword search website ranking! When I enter the main keywords of our site, is also the name of our company: the United States buy Electrical Network 贵族宝贝315mg贵族宝贝, I was shocked, we are the main keywords Kuba do ppc. The figure below shows the

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