The so called love Shanghai weight really want to disappear

from the beginning of 2012, Shanghai love algorithm improvement, love Shanghai for more rigorous attention website of Shanghai and phoenix. Any website, need to better their products well, put your own content, to further study the user’s needs and habits, everything is in a user centric way to do optimization. Like some time ago love Shanghai time snapshot cancelled the show is a relatively large measure.

/ guardian Yuan Kun, Hubei network marketing consultant, real name network marketing people from the media. The public number: shyuankun0105, love Shanghai you will know me better.


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform love announcement: Shanghai has HTTPS station, BAT station in the first to achieve HTTPS encryption, to promote network security. At the same time, the love of Shanghai will gradually cancel the referer display, to protect the site traffic keywords data information, the third party will no longer be able to easily steal flow keywords, make site data more private. Owners need to get traffic to the site keywords, you can use the keyword search tools like Shanghai Webmaster Platform provide or love Shanghai statistical functions of the query. (love Shanghai will gradually cancel the referer to make the site more secure data: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/386


website Shanghai dragon how should do, believe that every one of my friends have their own set of methods, but they cannot do without a point: love is the Shanghai search engine optimization guide, love Shanghai College station. Plus oneself from the perspective of customers, improve their products, to provide better user demand content, good user interaction. The last is hard to perform, only this.

Of course, for the


third will no longer be able to easily steal the flow of words, this sentence is not that the owners of the house and love station webmaster tools have been unable to accurately and timely and comprehensive query to the site keywords ranking? And the so-called love Shanghai participation factor is the weight of the site keywords ranking and flow prediction, then the so-called love Shanghai weight will disappear naturally.

station is a very important rating on the website of the PR value is Google and third party Webmaster Platform given love Shanghai weight. We know that Google is now no longer the PR value update, many webmaster friends are looking to love Shanghai weight. Although love is Shanghai’s official platform has been not approved the so-called love Shanghai weight, but still pay more attention to the webmaster friends. However, the guardian today Queensland found love Shanghai notice, what is

announcement in the introduction can not be easily stolen by flow keywords, or can explain some cases. Whether the webmaster tools platform will have specific measures? We do not do in-depth study on this issue, after all, consider more problems.


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