With the noble baby Analytics tips website analysis and Shanghai Dragon

1. into your noble baby Analytics report page, open your website analysis report

$A1 page=$B3

topic a little pull away, back to the topic, setting for the landing page keywords, the noble baby Analytics, can be quite accurate, because the user is not going to lie, the more keyword tool, not as a real user access. Here I first secrecy, I say just how I set my noble baby Analytics my Shanghai dragon weapons back to explain why such operation.

4. "Save Changes" after the completion point, save the end.

2." click filter "Add Filter" column labeled

The "

do Shanghai dragon around a lot of friends use web analytics tools, such as GA, CNZZ, love Shanghai statistics and so on, but few people seem to mention combining with, mostly to see a traffic and user behavior, for the Shanghai dragon, and there is not much in-depth research, I am here today share a I feel a bit useless Shanghai dragon + nobility baby Analytics tips. Optimization for keywords and landing pages of the Shanghai dragon, is always a key problem: your site visitors to the landing he should go to the place? If you are a B2C site, you want to search "iPhone4" users can direct landing to "iPhone4" sales page, not included a large number of products of the home, there are many examples of this. The Shanghai dragon, make full use of every page of your site, let each page can bring traffic to your website in the corresponding keywords, the network of Shanghai dragon will easy to do, if you expect to get a home page, N keywords ranking, it is not reasonable the. Don’t give up to a tree, a forest.


(|&?) (start|pn) = ([^&]*)


note: if you are the first set, there is no data, the filter will start from the entry into force setting. So it is best to wait a few days, or on the site when the statistics had set up.

3. as you create the filter settings of a name, and then select "custom filter", then select "Advanced" in the following settings below the drop-down menu as shown in Figure 3, the need to fill in the form respectively.

5. open your website report, the left has a Custom Reporting- custom report, open the Manage Cus>


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