The Shanghai dragon ER and the game of life

is in the case of coincidence, a game in my life no longer appeared second times the team appeared. To our real life, Shanghai Dragon into China from 2004 to now, but the seven year, the first batch of the Shanghai dragon is of course impossible because tired of this reality and left, their appearance is just like I said before the game like a veteran, firmly grasp the steering OK, if this is not true, if this is the game scene, maybe they will one day leave, no longer appear, since.

3. if we didn’t have a good command of the captain, usually, on the other side of a variety of hardware conditions far better than our circumstances we cannot defeat the opponent repeatedly.

1. if we know early enough, not in each other under the condition of strength can still challenge reward good, but very difficult task, nature will not get a lot of equipment to strengthen themselves.

This However,

game and reality are interlinked, that money is everything is smooth, no money is difficult, not a source of college students and enter the game late, to fight those veterans in the short term nature is impossible, and the first grade, to do the task of natural reward to some high, with the words of popular words, the first to have meat to eat, then drink the soup, perhaps even soup will not rest, remember that the Gang Gang also not willing to receive me, days have been little mode this calm go down, but I was always gone on go, nearly one and a half years.

a year and a half of the time is a lot of things happen, such as certain master collective discontent by setting team development team left the game, because the number is stolen can only master Moumou stop play, and so master who has sold over a number of the best overall decline, a lot of things happened, I found my team, a good team, hit off the necessary equipment is very important in the early stages of the game from you, so I am strong, can also be said that we are strong, a team composed of non RMB game player that touch on the general RMB team won also be nothing difficult. A lot of teams, in the past as God exists generally is our team behind me. Of course, create a team like a lot of coincidence,

2. is not the same if we are non RMB game player are not natural, happy to stay in a very small Gang, however, is in a very small Gang, we met a group of the same, but still some poor strength of the game player.

of Shanghai dragon ER and the game of life! Remember to work before the game, I chose the limited economic conditions, one may be so far is not very fire network game: The Odyssey Gaiden, oh, at that time because the game didn’t open the Jiangxi District, I ordered the Zhejiang district close to Jiangxi game: Jiangnan area.

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