Seven of stationmaster at the site of the Shanghai dragon in misunderstanding

a, love Shanghai limited part of the word does not allow the 10 on the left, such as "(L-carnitine)", the word love Shanghai left 4 other promotion, the promotion all run to the right;

first, the number of keyword promotion difficult fallacy, many Shanghai dragon Er orders when there are customer habits, love to love Shanghai keyword search, think it is difficult to see the extension number, in fact, do not believe you can look at the "Hangzhou wedding photography price", the word of love Shanghai left extension 10, the optimization of the word love Shanghai very difficult? So say a word is the best is to look at the top ten websites, here I said why some words left no 10 promotion reasons:

C, the promotion of user daily consumption amount is exhausted, the relevant keywords with the line, which is the cause of promotion is not the same as the number of.

fourth, rapid increase keyword ranking fallacy, do not turn on the lights of Shanghai dragon, press the switch lights can be bright, people have likened the Shanghai Dragon between men and women in love, really want to become the image of male and female friends, you need to contact, to give you an answer ranking the best, so it is, so you don’t tell me how much money I give you, let the ranking >

is second, site drop right home page is not the first fallacy, this does not exclude the reason down the right, there is the problem of weight, if the first page of the weight is not enough, the inside pages will also appear on the home page, you can give this faint this home chain, can also do some pages there is a link to the home page, may we have seen, some of the large pages often appear on the home front, this is down right? Obviously not, this is because the content is just because of the update. Better warn novice if not backwards, not encountered the snapshot update, site is not in the first do not worry, as long as the regular station is not being right down, K station. Is the so-called is not afraid of the shadow oblique.

B, promote the popularization period user settings, so you see the number in different period promotion is not the same.

third, see the PR value of the exchange links with the noble fallacy, baby’s exit, reportedly will also cancel the PR value, it has both advantages and disadvantages to the webmaster, because some webmaster he won’t go to PR, if you are a snapshot of the fresh, even anti not included, almost, he will exchange a link with you. And some Adsense is not the same, even if your ranking is very good, and even reverse, included are normal, PR right he wouldn’t exchange links, I encountered such a situation, really depressed, anxious at the PR update. This is the pros and cons.

Shanghai dragon Er is mysterious and simple network of labor, everyone because of Shanghai dragon together, everyone has his own views on the Shanghai dragon, it will produce misunderstanding of Shanghai dragon, I am not just below share seven fallacy in Shanghai dragon.

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