Talking about sex outside the chain of good and bad products in Shanghai

many Shanghai dragon Er feel the chain weight love Shanghai products is very high, if you do love Shanghai products chain is much, the weight of your site is very high, and rising quickly, even more than love Shanghai own products, such as Chong of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix website in Shanghai love Baike do a word, and then do a lot of love Shanghai Zhidao outside the chain, the website ranking will exceed the love Shanghai products a day, actually is not the case, whether it is the love of Shanghai Baike, the key words of Baidu Zhidao website or website ranking, not more than enough basic love Shanghai products chain! But love the products of Shanghai, for the introduction of web traffic is very bad, this was due to the love of Shanghai products are often ranked in the love of Shanghai home, so users in Liuhe On these love Shanghai content, will not consciously click the product links, can bring to the site’s traffic, this is one of the benefits of sex products outside the chain of Shanghai.

many Shanghai dragon er know, love Shanghai’s product weight is quite high, if the fall in love with the sea to do outside the chain, it will increase the weight of the site itself, contribute to the optimization of the site itself, so many Er to Shanghai dragon in Shanghai love Zhidao, love in Shanghai hi, in the love of Shanghai Wenku, own site outside the chain of love left Shanghai Baike, in front of the "know how" software bugs love Shanghai, but the success rate and how much? Today Chong Shanghai Longfeng for sex linked Shanghai products are good and bad

two: love Shanghai products chain weight not high, but it can bring flow

so in love Shanghai products, want to do outside the chain of success probability is very low, in such a low success rate, but also a waste of time, while the Shanghai dragon Er daily need to do content very much, only to spend so much time outside the chain, let alone in a disadvantageous position in the the competition, so even to get the chain of love Shanghai, but wasted beyond the competitors need time

! !

: the construction of love Shanghai products chain success rate is low, a waste of time

we all know, now want to love Shanghai products, leave the chain of the site itself, it is very difficult, especially the establishment of a new love Shanghai account, if the substance delivered, with the chain on the site, it basically is not successful in this regard love, love the Shanghai Zhidao and Shanghai Baike is intuitive, so the novice no way, or to buy a high-level account, or spend money please do, and use mass tools to upgrade, a certain level reached after this, can take the chain, but it is your account level high, the chain daily issued more than three or four, if too much love will cause the attention of Shanghai, more important is the risk of the title, the previous effort in vain.

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