One hour to learn what you need to learn Shanghai Dragon

people may take the miraculous Shanghai Dragon said, it is not easy to learn, you need to spend a lot of time, they just love the simple things complicated; some might say Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, only need to master some skills will be able to do it, don’t need to talk about the Shanghai dragon. From the technical level of each one according to his lights. But if I am here today issued a question: if you learn Shanghai dragon in one hour, then you need to learn what

do not understand the Shanghai dragon, or only a smattering of friends will say, dream one hour society of Shanghai Longfeng, it is impossible. But, actually do the most powerful Shanghai dragon also belongs to the technical training of the teacher Wang Tong, she has been doing an hour of Shanghai dragon training, tuition is very expensive. This also shows that in a short period of time to learn Shanghai dragon is absolutely possible, some theory isn’t making a mess of what. As for how to learn knowledge and operation of Shanghai dragon can come in the shortest time, here is not to mention high technology in the field of Shanghai dragon, the school may not use.

search engine ranking Second, learning

website to the website itself for marketing purposes, one of the most important factor is the website keyword selection. Choose good keywords, can

keyword some optimization strategy of

said in an hour before the Dragon Society of Shanghai, said first need to do. The most basic is the need to understand some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, mostly conceptual problems. Need to know what is the Shanghai dragon, keywords, external links, internal links, anchor text, URL, domain name and space, original content and pseudo original content of some basic knowledge. These basic knowledge is ready, it is definitely possible for an hour to Shanghai dragon. Click here to say, don’t take very simple things complicated or want to become complex.

well, we started to learn an hour Shanghai Longfeng walk, is very simple, I believe you know:


purpose of learning is to take Shanghai Longfeng site to the front of the search engine, let more traffic into the site, to achieve the purpose of marketing. You want the site to be search engine that is excellent website, and get a good ranking in the search engine, the first thing to do is to understand the influence factors in search engine rankings, is the so-called enemy awareness. What are the specific factors to understand it, the choice of the domain name and space optimization and the safety, stability and speed, some key strategies, website content, website add label content writing, web link construction, Robots file and 404 page to use etc.. There are some details of the factors have pay attention to what you can, for example images using the ALT attribute.

first, understand the impact factors of


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