The three people who makes the best of Shanghai Dragon

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Kongming in the long, has the situation to see clearly. And for the development of Liu Bei formulated after the political line, let Liu Bei become the dominant party. It’s like we’re in for a website to do preliminary planning of Shanghai dragon, which is part of the development of a website is the most important. The main research includes several aspects:

in many countries., Keke thinks that Kongming has to have at least three very suitable for Shanghai Longfeng research.

here is a bit of an exaggeration, as long as we do our own it. A web site to keep blood flowing, you need to inject more original articles to him, only constantly updated, in order to attract the spider’s return rate. So, must be diligent, unremittingly, and outside chain construction is a huge project, the chain extension method too much. Keke is not to say, but it should be noted that the efficiency, or overwork, can The loss outweighs the gain.. There is a good method, hope to communicate with you. In a word, the spirit of dedication from, we still have, perseverance, happiness within.

so we first determine the basic framework of the website, then further analysis of competitors, the advantages and disadvantages, to find their lessons, and then further optimized, the emphasis here is on the construction site early, and the direction of future website. So, do Shanghai dragon have the overall view of Kongming.

(a) the overall view of

1) survey target keywords and long tail keywords)


(3) target object type of site, site optimization to improve the user experience of

address: 贵族宝贝my-mbt-shoes贵族宝贝/ p=131

) !

2) competitor analysis (domain name age, included, snapshots freshness, station optimization etc.)

Keywords locking ( Author: admin

Kongming was born in troubled times, but had a very calm state of mind. In troubled times, he can in the long farming, waiting for Liu Bei. In Sima Yi he can calm, the enemy approached the walls, Chuluanbujing, take time for. Is this not a scholar should have the conditions of Shanghai dragon? No matter the website ranking is good or bad, with a positive attitude to face, regardless of whether the site is down right, even by the K, only to find out the reasons, remember the experience, believe in yourself. With a calm state of mind, issued a challenge to love Shanghai, to regain the ranking. With Zhu Geliang’s entrepreneurial passion to inspire you!


(two) "the spirit of dedication from the"

(three) kongchengji mentality

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