The public information platform to seize the WeChat search engine ranking


two, love Shanghai will give WeChat platform high weight

is a little weird, can even be behoove things. Why? Because WeChat and micro-blog are now the most popular new media platform, is also the most active. So there is no reason not to love Shanghai included it, instead of WeChat to love Shanghai more weight. Therefore, the first love will be included in Shanghai micro-blog, WeChat will gradually included content.

What means the reform trend of

three, WeChat

2. index, first look at the WeChat marketing figure:

?Love Shanghai platform?

WeChat had to cancel a large number of certified public number, on the re certification account need in a micro-blog, +V and WeChat, the user must be the same account name, and now micro-blog is the emergence of a variety of beautiful sad public number to return to apply for certification. So WeChat’s move to

as you can see, WeChat marketing index fluctuate at around nine hundred. The search for other products, the WeChat article ranking basic or rarely found. Single Jen information that, as the largest search engine, the love of Shanghai is very clever and will give considerable weight to your website, like the same weight. Because after all, WeChat can not completely solve the needs of users, the user experience of the above will represent only a portion of the weight, also can only occupy a part of the search engine weight, so we do not have to worry too much.

Four, whether the means?WeChat

public number spread should be an important reason for WeChat to make a big move, not previously considered, leading to WeChat filled with a lot of useless account, or is there a number of people. So, the reform is also behoove later.

platform to do marketing

1. also, one thing to worry about a lot of Shanghai dragon, weight love Shanghai will give WeChat platform is very high, it ranks Shanghai to occupy all the light, with our Shanghai Longfeng jobs

by WeChat released the rankings are good, but the WeChat platform is also very suitable for the brand and product promotion, so WeChat marketing is worth a try.

before I have talked about WeChat public platform in the search engine rankings, when you search for "WeChat marketing", in front of several WeChat public platform release information, and get good rankings. Many people also Shanghai dragon found a hot topic for a time, Shanghai dragon world. A lot of Shanghai dragon have around now expressed their views, following the single Jen information group will bring in an opinion about it.

in WeChat marketing is of great value, this is also the reason why WeChat marketing so fire. As a marketing person, we should keep pace with the times, to dig WeChat >

can use WeChat

, love why Shanghai included WeChat

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