The mobile terminal do optimization Shanghai dragon to make the search engine more friendly

generally speaking, the mobile terminal optimization is easier than the computer terminal, the three the dominant factor in the rankings. After all, the mobile terminal optimization in recent 1-2 years just popular, many owners are unable to start the optimization for the mobile terminal, the mobile Internet should be optimistic about the future prospects for development, as soon as possible to understand.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile terminal to Shanghai dragon optimization? How many webmaster have questions?. The mobile terminal traffic exactly from where users are most concerned about the mobile terminal? What? According to iResearch user access statistics, browser, site navigation, search site search is the main way for users. The following is iResearch statistics 2002-2014 China search engine user coverage


optimization? As we all know, the mobile terminal and the computer terminal ranking algorithm of search engine is not the same, but almost all optimization methods. The first three elements from the label of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng details are pretty close. How to use the mobile terminal station? Standard XHTML and HTML5 construction site, do the adaptation of the jump, friends of the chain mainly in PC station and two-dimensional code to add other promotional channels is mainly two-dimensional code, WeChat, APP and other channels etc..

Ari analysts believe that the search engine for many browsers are highly dependent on psychology, users can search through the search box and the browser toolbar, the browser address bar, built-in browser, causing browser search called current users of the mainstream of the search.

provided by the Zhang Yugan Shanghai dragon blog: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon zyg贵族宝贝/683.html, reproduced indicate the source.

Then the mobile terminal should be how to do

mobile terminal needs to do more than search engine optimization computer terminal. The user selects third party browser (love Shanghai, 360, Google, etc.) that users rely on search engines. The browser, search the most frequent users love Shanghai.

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