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well, you should write so much, we slowly digest, Shanghai dragon theory as important ^_^. Thank you. This paper consists of varicose veins 420D (贵族宝贝81061552贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep.


3. content page Keywords: we generally know that keywords appear two or three times the content in the page, but do not accumulate keywords. There are a lot of people struggle to keyword density, I understand the keyword density is not a standard, that is not should be under the control of the number, but natural writing, nature will highlight your words, so you have to complete the optimization work. But there are a lot of friends are saying, if the keyword appears in the first paragraph or the front, such words had a relatively high weight, it can not be denied. But we write in, but also pay attention to the relevance of keywords, such as computer, computer are synonymous, we do not have to use computer key computer as you can, so to speak, and master the relevant semantic keywords, similar words to support the main keywords.

Hello, I then write the article yesterday (the title web page optimization note) after the writing is very untidy, is a diagram to explain your title writing and tangled place; today continued the pages of our website optimization.

description tags: describe the rankings now almost doesn’t work, only that can make the search engine more you know what the page is about content; in search of users, may highlight the word description tag, can improve the click rate. Write the description tag when we should pay attention to, not the accumulation of a large number of keywords, and do not like to repeat or title, to include the user may search keywords, but can not make the statement is not fluent, and don’t write too long, try not to exceed 70 words; pay attention to these points, basically can.


2. Tags: I only say my personal understanding, just think it is not necessary to be entangled in the write key tag, keyword has no value, then totally depends on to search engine to judge, if the word after discovery and keywords do not match, then the correlation is very poor, little significance, how you are outstanding keywords can text into natural, it has very good effect, is only a guiding role. What you have to add comments.

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