Expert do stand for a year to achieve P70 million confirmed Shanghai dragon just clouds

this time we have been saying that the original problem, many webmaster think outside the chain is more important than the original, after all, the original will have a better user experience; however, the actual situation is not necessarily the case. Recently, I was fortunate to see a cattle station, this site a year from IP on the 0 day to IP 700 thousand, the chain is a staggering about 500000. For the film, the novel station station, more than a year to achieve one hundred thousand IP can be understood, but the information station 700 thousand a year to do IP, really is the first time to see.

from the site can be seen in the screenshot, the website was founded in August 15, 2011, I inquired site in the traffic situation in August last year, when the flow rate is very low, even in December last year, IP did not exceed 5000; indicating the site is not through a 301 redirect to weight gain, which is from the IP on the 0 day to IP 700 thousand. Of course, some owners may have speculated that the site midway 301 redirect here; but do not take into account the copyright disputes of this kind of website, generally do not do so, ignore.

chain increased too quickly punished just clouds


website just clouds

you can see from the screenshot, the site outside the chain of a staggering about 500000; the chain here is not specific to the chain, mainly through the domain to the query results. I like the site was domain more than 8000, and the cattle station results obtained by the domain command is > about 500000

wash sleep!

website, the love of Shanghai is 150 thousand, Google is 120 thousand, YAHOO included 180 thousand, SOSO included 830 thousand; Google, love Shanghai included more demanding, more repeat SOSO included, YAHOO included close to the exact value, that the content of the website page at least 200 thousand. According to the 12 months of the year to calculate, to produce at least 15 thousand content pages a month, every day at least 500 pages, so much content, but did not make acquisition, after a simple query, indeed.

From the screenshot you can see the

for such a cattle station, we can use any flowery words to praise, praise all too much, after a year to reach this level almost no other website, or never. The hanging wire webmaster, this is perhaps the inspirational legend, 700 thousand IP daily, that thousands of times PV5 yuan, the daily income of at least million? The diligent webmaster, perhaps from the original fall through the original can achieve such results?

The contents of the original popular The

anyway, in the study of Shanghai dragon attitude, we still look at this simple cattle station which cows, which realizes the common website can not achieve the miracle, which gets rid of the Shanghai dragon; perhaps, we will have a better understanding of the current Shanghai dragon.

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