Do two things make you relaxed in the search results appear in the thumbnail of love Shanghai





Chuxiong port information where this bold draw "allows you to easily search results appear in Shanghai love thumbnail" two arguments:


1, use love Haiyun acceleration service;

2, website upper gold position has focus.

, the three figure first we take a closer look at the above, respectively, Chuxiong port, Xinyu port, Xinyu City three website thumbnails in the search results. Figure three we then compared to the following, respectively, these three sites IP address query graph, we found? The three station IP address is the love of Shanghai Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing Unicom node, because these three stations are used in Haiyun to speed up service, this is the most important point: Chuxiong information my website the evening of July 11, 2014 in Hong Kong with Haiyun acceleration service, second days of information search in Chuxiong port main keywords in their website appeared below thumbnails.

two, we look at the following three graphs, we found that the focus of the picture three love Shanghai search results in the first round of the thumbnail is Chuxiong port, Xinyu port, Xinyu City, the three upper position of the gold website home page.

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