Don’t misunderstand Google Google rumor

on the gates of fire. Google’s misery to the motherland in mind, have the whole world in view of the domestic Internet users caused a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Use Google search engine often cannot be opened normally, regardless of you in the Google English website, or in the Google search site in Hongkong, but also some search with special tips, such as with the "week" word search words, Google search will remind you of "week" may make your connection with Google temporarily blocked. It is not possible, as long as the search term containing Chinese "week" will be disconnected, whether it is Jay Chou or Zhou Enlai or duke. The following figure:

don’t know why I want to write this article, I’m not Google grievance, nor in mockery of love Shanghai. Because out of the Chinese mainland, Google is still so Niubi; because I must also continue to please, not love Shanghai……

it as self deprecating. Alas, I sing a long Fu Shangxiang! The first A5, please indicate the Anxi Tieguanyin Tea 贵族宝贝>

in Shanghai love to search for "nude picture", and then search for "nude picture" in Google, by comparison you will find love Shanghai feedback to your search results than Google search results in higher quality feedback. And you never have to worry about, when I was browsing these websites will be unable to access "phenomenon in you. Children like these porn sites, if love can be included in Shanghai, you can also visit. Google included, does not mean you can visit. Because in the world of the Internet, people’s tragic fate than Google.

since March 23, 2010, Google officially announced the exit, China morning until now, has been three years. The matter is not resolved to ask the love of Shanghai, foreign affairs decided not to ask Google. In fact, whether it is business, or foreign affairs, actually I love more with Google, so that many webmaster. But because Google search engine in Chinese, the tragic situation, it is suffered inhuman abuse, so it is absolutely not because of competition from Google but love Shanghai, but the rich soil Chinese characteristics, let Google The climate does not suit one. Forced exit.


unfortunately, many people do not know the fault is not in Google. So, they are unknown to rage, Google search engine is really sucks, are not good, still love Shanghai. So, love Shanghai monopolized the domestic search engine market, unscrupulously, has no compunction in soso, Sogou search engine brother said he was the biggest Chinese search engine. Don’t know Google after listening to zuoheganxiang. But this is not important……

Google hell just highlights the brainchild of love Shanghai. Of course, love Shanghai has so high search engine market share, also no ground for blame. It is understood Chinese, and even began to understand some English.

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