Shanghai dragon website picture optimization of basic skills

, a picture to do on the ALT property of

sites are in products, there will be a lot of pictures, these pictures can be optimized, so how to optimize these pictures just good blogger below lists the following image optimization techniques.


< img src=, 3 cases; "5hht3.jpg" alt= "Changsha professional website construction" />

image ALT attributes commonly known as alternative text to the spider can better identify your site, optimize the picture do alt attribute is a must, from the user experience point of view, the picture ALT attribute is also necessary. For example, low bandwidth network, as a result of blocking the image on the page cannot be displayed. The picture ALT attribute descriptive can tell the user the contents of that location, thereby increasing user experience.

from the three example, case 3 is the best description. Case 1 is simply the accumulation of keywords, and will be the search engine that is blackhat cheating, case 2 is a keyword, description and model, structure is not done, the user experience is slightly worse. Picture the alt attribute instead of writing by the right, could help the site get a good keywords ranking, so Shanghai dragon must pay attention to this point.


Now many )

< img src=, 1 cases; "5hht1.jpg" alt= "website Web site to build Changsha Changsha software development Changsha network company" />


< img src=, 2 cases; "5hht2.jpg" alt= "/>


(3), image AIT attributes

ALT property is not for users, but the search engine does not recognize your pictures, do not know what you are about this picture. So in order to let search engines know, he must add the ALT attribute. I see some sites (a page is a picture, not doing a ALT property, then this page search engine will be considered very low quality of the page, it is impossible to obtain ranking.

(1), the ALT property definition: it is the alternative text, what is the topic description of pictures, the alt attribute is described the content of the picture.

" website construction;

in the description of the pictures, can use a long tail word to describe the content of the picture, or a phrase to describe the content of the picture, for example: the content of the picture is the company’s office space, you can write "XXX office scene". Key words but not piled up one or more sites on the ALT property, so it is wrong, it is wrong to optimize image optimization.

(2), why add pictures alt attribute

how to do?

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