SEMer love Shanghai bidding keywords combining search terms to the data value

click this link to go is the focus of our analysis, we analysis on keywords a high click volume, first click on the word why, because many people search? Because ranking changes? Creative attractive and click? Search words respectively are those? Click on IP whether to repeat or single? Respectively is clicked in any period of time, whether have dialogue? These problems are worth us to understand.

d> analysis of key points on average price:

, data analysis 1 points: to show the amount of clicks, consumption, average price click, click rate, average ranking, how would you like to go to the


before the opening, we first understand the keyword data and search word data, these two data can be something valuable for us to analyze the

consumption as a whole number, usually we use a keyword consumption of a fixed value, if you exceed this value, we must make corresponding adjustments, such as: " how much money to spend " double eyelid; the key cost is fixed at 600, that is to say the word consumption 600 No 1 transformation, so we have to make adjustments to the word.

on average price = a bid of × a quality / own quality, the average price level from click a keyword, we can see that the degree of competition this term is what, for example: the words "brain" offer is 3 yuan, the quality is 5 points 2.5, is the average click price, average ranking is 3, ranking the word we first calculate the "brain" score is 3× 5=15 points, ranking top two competitors score more than 15 points, to get to our front, we in the quality curve into the back view of the keywords look at the key words, the quality of the industry average is in a few stars within this data we make a reference, if the quality is within 5 points. I can try.

c> analysis of the main points of consumption:

b> analysis of hits:

analysis show the amount of points:We show the

with a high keyword analysis, so you will go to analysis? Show the amount of matching the keywords is too wide to high, after viewing the match pattern, if the result is not the reason, then we have to analyze why the word search people? Is not some external environment change, some hot news events lead to environmental change leads to the increase of Internet users search volume recently? Or do you love the sea phoenix nest system strategy adjustment, to upgrade and so on some factors? As long as we can analyze the factors that can be listed in the back for us to analyze the overall level of the account when there is a show great help.

?Keywords analysis?

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