The 9158 recruit beauty from Mousi chat high recharge defy


integrated Liaoba, beauty, passion, joy and emotion, urban city channel, in 201314 this is known as a symbol of love day, Xiao Bian also catch a glimpse of the online video show beautiful singing style, the solution boredom on this day! But the experience in the process of Xiaobian rendered speechless.

first small series of the 9158 platforms and YY were compared, and found that there was not much difference, mainly in the online video show, online teaching and game main columns. But more than 9158 people online video attracted a small note, want to. In the process of the experience, Xiaobian found at the bottom of the 9158 platform site did not produce network audio-visual license, but has produced a YY voice of all kinds of business card number, this had to let small doubts, to defy the law 9158 network audio-visual video show.

: palm and small gift items need only red and gold VIP users to publish public chat information (speed transit network plan),




experience points: 1, launched a public chat, the need for high charge and pay 2, alcohol 3, beauty online to attract users of all kinds of business website did not produce audio-visual license

: more than 9158 video client (speed transit network plan)

in the network audio-visual license on some of the problems, ask Xiao Bian legal veteran Lu Haitian, he said, for the current domestic video broadcast privilege regulations issued in 2009, only have the qualifications of a legal person, is a state-owned or state holding more than 51% units, and in the three years before the application, no illegal records. This non visible 9158 state-owned or state-owned holding more than 51% units are likely not eligible to apply, or should it can produce a license to play like YY.

Figure Figure

speed transit experience room 260th with the release of the YY, more and more users are quickly attracted to 9158, such as YY platform, YY listing is successful counter attack, while 9158 of the defeated in the competition in the online video site once to go bankrupt, in the most critical moment of founder Liu Yan decided to shift the focus of its business online video show.

For the 9158

: comparison of network operating license 9158 platform and play YY at the bottom of the site show (speed transit network plan)

by multi video temptation, small point to open up a ranking of the video show channel, the beautiful anchor is really eye-catching, enchanting beauty. But when small want to talk with her in the public chat, but suggested that only red VIP can be released at the same time, Xiao Bian gave to the beauty of the palm, and presented a small waist skirt, all to the corresponding gold.

On the 9158 platform


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